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Floppy disks: the mother of all storage devices.

Once upon a time floppy disks were used to store porn and warez. It was important that young kids knew the evils of sharing information with one another, so the SPA squatted over every 7th grade multimedia class and shat out this video. If you actually had to sit through this video in school, congratulations; you win one free internet.

Part 1: Don't Copy That Floppy


Don't Copy That Floppy is the coming-of-age tale of young adults Corey and Jenny, who are innocently playing computer games during school. When Jenny announces she has to leave (Not before totally owning Corey at mashing the keyboard), they decide to pirate the game so they can later play it at home. Little did they know they were in for more than they bargained. After a surprise visit by MC Double Def Disc Protector Corey and Jenny nearly escape certain doom with their lives and sanity intact. And thus the pirating was stopped, and the world economy was saved.

Also, they hid a frame of gay porn at 1:11.

Ironically, this was filmed at Cardozo High School in Washington, D.C.. A school populated entirely by niggers, only one white kid attended (for one year) in the early-mid 1990s. So the basic premise of this video is false. Also notice the nigger is telling the white kid not to steal. In addition, the end thanks companies for "donating" software. Anyone can guess what "donate" really means, but it also nullifies any relevance the video has, as they didn't pay for software either.


  • Marja Allen as Jenny
  • Jimmy Todd as Corey
  • Craig Dykstra as programmer from AOL, a pedophile[1][2]
  • Video performed by MC Hart
  • Lyrics by MC Hart and Ilene Rosenthal

Part 2: Don't Copy That 2

Since floppies are shit nowadays and are only used by banks, your mom and government offices, MC Double Def Disc Protector has returned from the hyperspace and decided to forewarn all copycats not to copy anything whatsoever... Including shitty animu artwork someone else did for a tattoo.

So Much for Fair Use

A YouTube commentary group released commentaries over both installments of the Don't Copy series. While the commentaries themselves are watchable, the true lulz came rolling in when the SIAA themselves (The organization responsible for production and distribution of the videos) filed copyright claims against the group, and had the videos removed. Ignoring the fact that the commentaries infringed no copyright under the terms of the Fair Use policy, it became blatantly clear that the SIAA knew as much about the law they pretend to enforce as they do about making decent music videos. That, or they only choose to enforce e-law when it suits their purposes.

Though the commentary group filed counter-claims, pointing out the lack of copyright infringement and the applicability of Fair Use in the situation, YouTube never brought the videos back online, taking the side of the organization over those they provide service to. The group did, however, re-upload their commentaries to Vimeo, where they seem to remain unseen by the SIAA... FOR NOW.

Other Uses for your Floppies

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