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DonDarkstalker / Dandon TRJ

Lj-favicon.png dondarkstalker (now Lj-favicon.png dandon_trj) is one of four moderators of LJ's conservatism community (along with imaybeparanoid, l555l, and levenator) to have a membership in rant_about_cons (more like rant_about_coons amirite?), a fact that justgoto furiously masturbates to each and every night while pretending that people care about his retarded conspiracy theories. However, he hasn't actually looked at his communities for at least two years and has, on at least one occasion, given a random user mod status in conservatism just for the lulz.

Creator of the Frienditto Wing macro that winged around LJ in March of '05, synthetikmisery and azad_slide take great pleasure in furrybaiting him for his set of VG Cats icons, but he's usually too lazy to repudiate the charges. So for all intents and purposes, he's RAC's token furry. dancingdrew is partially to blame for this as well.

He also has a creepy fetish for cataloging information on LJ criminals. (1) (2) (3)

It may be best not to ask why.


Television Head shot

It's also worth noting that he is probably the only LJ moderator to have ever attended Shalhevet High School, a fact which he is currently repressing. Also starred in television's Boy Meets World on ABC as the lovable Cory Matthews, and the rather scary Wild Palms (as a not so loveable teenie assassin). Currently at college in Pennsylvania trying to graduate with three degrees, none of which he'll ever need.

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