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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
The Faggot Himself.

Doomsdaytails is a furfag that enjoys raping foxes and has a passionate love for guzzling bowls of vulpine knots. He wishes every night before bedtime that he was his totally original fursona Josh the Fox, and, to top it all off, the sick fuck is a mindless Narutard. As if it weren't enough, he also stays up all night RPing with his other Furfag friends which mostly consist of gay orgies on DeviantART chatrooms spreading his vile brand of faggotry across the pipes. Cosplay, shitty art, and pictures of his fox line his gallery in a repulsive display that, similar to a car crash, is seemingly impossible to not stare at in utter horror and fascination. His musical tastes include the most generic shit you could possibly imagine, he watches Family Guy, and admits mastrubating to the book, White Fang, which centers around, yes, wolves. Chances are, it will only get worse from here on out.

The Fag can be easily trolled, all you have to do is throw in some lovely pictures of animal gore or troll the shit out of him for worshiping the doggy dick he ingests daily.

How the Retard works

Cyber Bullying kids is wrong, M'kay?
i am a fan of furries myself- love em- yet you find those occasional assholes- specially some artists who dis the furries- one drew somthing like a furry holocaust -_- and called em weak- riiight truly the group would be ROYALLY SCREWED by a larger gorup of anthro- furries whatever- cuz we got the animal abilities and instinct


—DoomsdayTails, admitting that furfaggotry fuels his superhuman powers

He frequently goes around the interwebs looking for pictures of foxes and wolves to plaster all over his sites for no particular reason and definitely won't masturbate to them. He loves them so much, he wants to be an animal biologist! In fact, every time someone says something bad about animals he immediately blows up and flames your page out of extreme butthurt. And when he's not friending his own mother over the internet, he kills RP with his boring dialogue and uninteresting background for his gay character, which eventually ends up in people abandoning their RP just so they don’t have to participate in his faggotry. They generally beat themselves over the head because they are being forced to read to the horrendous literature he pulls from his fermented furry ass.

His Retarded Character

Josh the Fox is Doomsdaytail's retarded role playing character whom is a rich furry that's gay for his 'brother' Tails. He has a weird habit of wanting to suck a dick and then throwing a fit over it. Josh can win every match he faces because he’s a little cheating Mary Sue in every sense of the word. His social interactions with his retarded friends consists of him accusing others of stealing his friends, saying that he could totally beat up the said "Friend Stealers", when in reality he is just jealous because the "Friend Stealers" have bigger dicks then him which fuels an internal jealousy of epic proportions causing extreme butthurt, thus forcing him to retreat to his little world of idiocy. When not shown being the little faggot he is, he is either sucking his brother's cock, cutting himself in agony, exhibiting signs of necrophilia, dressed up as a BADASS Bleach character, or wearing diapers. All he's missing is some rainbow-colored fur.

Rping is what keeps me happy surprisingly more than video games.- its filling a void of imagination that i have a hard time filling(cant draw what ever i want, cant write my own story well.).


—Doomsdaytails, Admitting that role playing is the only thing worth doing in his pathetic life.

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