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Notice me. Tell me I'm pretty
If you've ever worn a dress without straps and a bra with them, you're most likely trailor trash

As can be expected with so many Lolcows and Attention Whores that like to claim the internets as their own personal and private playground, Doopie DoOver has amassed a number of people she has destroyed just for Shits and Giggle and others who are no more than the beta breeds that are so hungry for attention that they will follow someone, anyone who will tell them how they're supposed to think.

Like so many of the lonely that can only be described as Sara Goldfarb from Perchance to Dream that they've built up a fantasy around her single word, disconnected and soulless resposes of "Hi" and "Cute" that they've built up a fantasy and raised her to such a level that they think they are earning her favor when they raise her to a height of worship and ignore any and all dissenting opinions against her.

Fortunately, most of Doopie's fanatics are the overweight, basement dwelling, afraid of the Sun, Internet tough guys that get winded wiping their ass so there's no need to fear a march or some kind of orchestrated attack because, unless segways are provided at the start, their march won't last longer than 10 feet.


#IStandWithDoopie started as another gay little twitter hashtag show of support from Doopie's oldfag fanboys that have an insatiable desire to wear Doopie's pancake, saddlebagged ass think it will Dress up their cock.

This whole hashtag faggotry started because Doopie was crying on twatter about being SO DEPRESSED because someone called her out on tumblr and accused her of being a pedophile for drawing CP. Like all perverts to come before them and seeing a chance to play to to their Trailor Park Princess with compliments and sympathetic comments, they started this support meme with the goal of looking to convince Doopie that her Pedophilic attraction to children and displaying her fantasies in drawings is a perfectly sane and legal sexual outlet that the uninitatied to the world of child fucking choose to read too much into.

Predictably, Chris Chan has admitted to his pedophilic desires and has signed on to support his Girlfriend/masturbation fodder as well.

Some of Doopie's more boisterous pedophilic fans, especially HellBent, say that there is no law against producing animated child porn but they have never invested 30 seconds to do a simple google search and looked here, here or here

Jeremy Chinshue

Jeremy Chinshue is one of Doopie DoOver's trained attack dogs that will jump at any chance to protect his Trailor Park Princess for the remote chance that he might impress his bottom of the barrel love interest enough that Doopie will let him dip his dick deep into her poop or, more likely, the other way around and earn himself a prostate massage from a good old fashioned Pegging.

Best describe by most as an out and out cunt, Doopie will most likely not even have the decency to spit in her hand and give Jeremy a reach around.

The Irony of this situation is that Jeremy claims to work for Butch Hartman of Nickelodeon fame, creator of Danny Phantom, as an artist for The Fairly Odd Parents.
Knowing that both Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman belong to anti-cyberbullying groups that want to stop all forms of bullying, you can download the image above and troll his White Knighting ass all you want because it is more than obvious that Jeremy only received a 200 on the language portion of his S.A.T.s and missed hypocrisy. On the other hand, being a High School dropout, Doopie thinks the S.A.T.s involve putting your ass into a chair.


Possibky the only person out of this menagerie of idiots with any potential and that's why we wanted to start this subarticle about Jess with some clever word play but we'll be damned if we can think of or find a word that accurately describes a man that believes themselves to be the champion of the known quantum universe composing space/time and can, in good conscience: house, feed, clothe and all around support their Trailor Park Princess love interest - and with the least bit of compunction, just lean back in their recliner to play Call of Duty every time Their Love Interest, Doopie, brings home a strange man she met just randomly talking to online to fuck just for the right of getting to call said love interest, Doopie, his Girlfriend and the off chance of getting to jerk it to this girlfriend only in name, Doopie, while they are in the shower and forgot to close the bathroom door all the way.

Well, that's everything you need to know about Jess.

Jess: The Pizza-Boy Philosophizer

As long as your love is true and the wisdom true which you love, you shall be a true philosopher.



The Philospophizer All Butt Hurt

Jess butthurt.jpg Are you sure it's us? SPD has some nice things to say about the two of you, behind your back of course.

Jess Admits To Hating Blacks

Jess hates blacks.jpg

Jess The Writing And Language Expert

A primary function of language is for humans to convey information to each other or request services of some kind in a variety of situations (e.g., relating events that happen to them, giving someone directions, asking for services such as in a shopping or other service encounter).

Different contexts require different kinds of vocabulary and different expressions that are suitable to that particular context. Such contexts can be classified according to „genres‟ such as narrative, recount, exposition, procedure, protocol, report, explanation, and interview


— (Butt, Fahey, Feez, Spinks, & Yallop, 2000).


You'd do here because you put the pill in the wrong drink and don't want to waste a roofie

There used to be things you could just count on in America. For instance, if you were from Alabama you would sue a school system rather than hear your children were learning about evolution. If you're from New York you're a rude piece of shit. It used to be that if you were from Ohio that you'd rather punch a pedophile up their ass, rip out their colon and jump-rope with it rather than defend them. How times have changed.

Jaltoid, a gestalt account between two people Power Words Dalton Joyce and Emi Kuc, are your average pedophilic, child molester type, NAMBLA members, sick fuck pedophile apologists that proudly call themselves Ohio residents that have yet to learn what they do to their kind in Ohio prisons. We'll let it be a surprise for them since they're on the way. Here's a hint, Ohio prison correction officers won a law suit before the Supreme Court to be allowed to announce the crimes prisoners are convicted of, as they're brought in, because it is a matter of public record.

Like all Hentai CP apologists Jaltoid makes the claim that it's the number that's important and not the look, in other words, you can draw someone going into a 1st grade classroom and rape what looks like a child but it will be all right if you said she was 18.

Much like Doopie, Jaltoid is another dumb as a pile of bricks fuck or is so deep into their rationalizations allowing them, and other adults, to fuck children that they minimize ideas like the Miller Test that say that it doesn't matter how old someone may say the child or character in the image is but rather how old a reasonable person thinks they appear by saying, "That's only the rule in the U.S." forgetting that Doopie and the two of them are producing CP in the US.

Further, Jaltoid is trying to argue 16 as the age of consent in the State of Ohio. The age of consent may be 16 but it is still Illegal under both Ohio's obsenity laws and Child Porn laws to view a 16 year old engaged in a sex act in any kind of pornographic media. All the age of consent says is at what age you can have sex with a person and has nothing to do with visual representations of said act. So in the state of Ohio you can Fuck a 16 year old girl, marry her, you can even video tape the wedding night for your own personal viewing later on but the minute someone other than you sees it, you're breaking the law. In fact, it might just be better to skip video taping all together because the last thing you want is to get hit with a Posession of Child Porn charge when you're getting a divorce and the love of your life decides to rat out your video collection, crying how you made her do it against her will.

Jaltoid is like so many perverts in this day and age that they are willing to grab at straws and believe half-assed bullshit arguments so long as they rationalize their desire to fuck kids and make them feel better about themselves.

Ohio may not prosecute for creating non-realistic CP drawings but that doesn't give you a get out of jail free card when it comes to Federal Laws or even Ohio's obsenity laws, under which, most offenses against the current morality are prosecuted.

If all Jaltoid says is true, that they aren't breaking any laws and they can't be touched, then why did Doopie remove the comic she and Jaltoid were doing that revolved around a 13 year old Mina Tepes getting ass raped by a werewolf over and over and over from his Tumblr and Patreon when all this shit about Doopie being a pedophile Child Porn producer started popping up?

Jaltoid: Always Check With Us First

In an attempt to make themselves look look like they're the victims in what they are calling a "Conspiracy Theory designed to attack them and use their own words like their Tweets and message board posts against them to make them look like homophobes, haters and racists," Jaltoid said that the best thing anyone can do is to directly ask them about these matters if there is any question or doubt about their integrity as fine and upstanding human beings and caring people made from a special blend of love, compassion and pony farts.

Almost noble if people didn't already see it for what it really is. If Jaltoid would only remember back as far as a few months ago or maybe look back to April of 2017 he would remember that this is exactly what people tried to do when this whole Doopie event was starting to come to a head. People wanted answers and went to the source asking Doopie if she did suck off Chris Chan for money? If she was trolling Chris by pretending to be his Girlfriend for patreon money and if she was later going to make a fool of Chris Chan by posting private emails on sites like Kiwi Farms when the trolling was over? If she was either a male to female or female to male Thai Lady/Boy? Maybe you wanted to ask the hard hitting question and were curious if she was into the scene of shoving heavy, industrial rubber sheaths up her ass and inflating them with an air compressor or just wanted to know if it's good manners to give yourself an enema before anal sex?

If Jaltoid would choose to remember back that far, or even as recent as last week when Doc Jingles led the mass marking charge on Doopie's pages then he would be aware that when people ask Doopie these things that they weren't met with the kind responses from Doopie hoping to set the record straight that Jaltoid promises but rather Doopie's army of unwashed, virgin boys waiting to mass mark anyone asking a question that Doopie is uncomfortable with or just didn't like, along with any questionable posts in their history, until either they are made by Twitter to delete the offending post(s) or have the screen name asking the offending question banned entirely from the realms of twitter forever.

Jaltoid does say, "We won't bite your heads off," but nothing is said about your question having to meet certain requirements to be answered and if it doesn't, how they'll mobilize their private Army to have the offending twitter accounts banned.


Twitter-favicon.png Hellbent, known best for taking his name from a Gay slasher movie, is a member of Super Planet Dolan and Former White knight of Doopie DoOver's that tried to run with some of Doopie's go to arguments such as, "Animated Child Porn is legal across the world and can be produced without consequence because it's simply not real." Probably in posession of a few more brain cells in comparrison to many of Doopie's brain damaged followers, Hellbent probably did a simple Google search and discovered that Animated CP is illegal in many countries like their so called, ignorantly believe that every fetish goes land of Japan, hair piece of America Soviet Canuckistan and even in the "We don't know what freedom of speech means or entails but We can kick your country's Ass" USA.

Another one of Hellbent's arguments was that Rape in Movies was somehow equal to Child Porn despite the US Code regarding child exploitation and obsenity making obscene depictions and images of children engaged in sex acts illegal and the Protect Act of 2006 stating that to knowingly use internet services to deceive children into viewing Obscene Materials is a crime. So called "Rape Porn" is legal between two adult actors so long as it is simulated, consentual and not the real thing.


Karasz or Twitter-favicon.png Karasz is one of Doopie's A-Logging style, angry fanboys that believes that if he throws enough baseless threats around and acts like an all around tough guy on twatter that people will become convinced that he's a man, a big STRONG man, intent on and fully capable of protecting his Trailor Trash Princess love interest. Karasz believes that when people realize what a big strong man he is and how Doopie's enemies might have to face his baseless threats on twitter, they will be less likely to attack Doopie with their mean words.

Twitter-favicon.png PBandJammers


HaloMillenium is your basic fanboy, An Hero threatening, pretend psycho that will threaten to kill himself or fuck the neighbors cat just to get his current "SENPAI" to notice him.

His goal, is that by getting noticed by someone with a large following, that some of those people will come to him and flood him with that generous patreon Jew Gold when they see his bad art.

Your basic DeviantTartlet in style and emotional blackmail tactics to make friends and get followers. Most likely hated and friendless IRL.

Kiwi Farms

You only have value here so long as you tell us everything about Chris-Chan. Get talking bitch

Just Last Thursday when Null got scared and shut Kiwi Farms down at the order of his company vice-presiden and Mother former residents of the farms found themselves homeless. Having only time on their hands and huddling together for warmth, they came up with a much improved plan for milking Lol-cows: build up trust with them and convince them to come to you and spill their guts about embarrising life facts such as how someone once licked their dog's anus to see how it tastes.

Using tactics such as convincing Doopie that they're her Personal Army, that Kiwi Farms is her own personal Safe Space, that they all think that she's getting Shit on everytime she starts a topic about her Pro-Nazi leanings, or about the person she hates the most this week, Kiwi Farms has currently upped their game by convincing Doopie to come to their site and troll herself by volunteering the information they want.

While there may be 3 or 4 Little boys that ardently believe the internets lie of modern chivalry, in that, if they protect their object of interest's, Doopie's, honor successfully - she will fall madly in love with them. On the otherhand, the majority of Kiwi Farms is committed to the goal of giving Doopie a Dildo big enough so she'll wind up fucking herself in the ass.

Current tactics revolve around the idea of getting Doopie to start talking on their site when she's high, because as history has shown, inebriation, social sites and a group of boys telling Doopie how smart she is does not make for good results. An event of note being when she unethically released business emails between her and Chris-Chan because she was looking for revenge and some Kiwis convinced her that this was the best way to do it.

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