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Every member of suffered the hidden shame of fantasizing about actually doing this, not making fun of it.

Lj-favicon.png dot_sex_snark is one of many snark communities created in order to discuss posts in other communities -- in this case, posts made in sex communities, including amipregnant, sextips, vaginapagina, and anywhere else teenagers congregate in order to discuss sex OMG.

Favorite themes

  • "I haven't had my period in eight months and I'm getting really fat, am I pregnate?"
  • "My boyfriend was humping my leg through my jeans, am I pregnate?"
  • "I'm too fucking stupid to spell pregnant right, should I be having sex?"
  • "OMG my cunt is so teeny-tiny I can't even fit my pinky in there LOL"
  • "My boyfriend's cock is so HUEG"
  • "Hey guys! I have a ton of sex! I didn't have a question, I just wanted you to know that I get laid all the time."
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