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Bill Agresta

William “Bill” Agresta also known as Dr. Beary is a lonely Jew who is a result of a broken condom and a one night stand. In his early child hood Bill would busy himself with masterbatingyiffing “. One day his Whore mother disposed of his masturbatory aids and Bill forever became obsessed with diapers. Not wanting to let the fun stop there he decided as with all furries to join the internet and was promptly trolled. Bill should have stopped here and became an hero ,but he decided to press on. Which soon led him to the attention of a few trolls, who proceeded to play a long with this faggot and create lulz to be had by all.

Bill's Self Description

Last Thursday Bill took a shit on his keyboard and made a massive wall of text basically confessing he is a pedophile and a furry.

Though this account was started as a place to share pics from a movie I was making about my childhood experiences, things change as we learn and realize our priorities. Through the years of experiences I lived as I was working on the movie, God continued to work on my heart, softening me and showing me some very sad issues in society. A missionary friend of mine played me a video of himself in Ethiopia where he hands this little a doll and the look in her eyes had me crying immediately. The poor little girl was sitting on the dirt road, covered in dirt herself and looking at the ground without hope. Once the doll was given to her she immediately jumps to her feet thanking the man and asks why he would give something so beautiful to her. As she continues to look at the doll in utter amazement, the man explains to her that he does not have much with him but will leave the food in his backpack with her and return with more in one week. When he returned a week later the girl was sitting surrounded by over 700 other children all amazed that someone would come and give her a doll. Yes, they all wanted food but, the toy proved to be something very special, above and beyond. Then a few weeks later, the video fading into the noise of my busy life, I met with a friend of mine who runs a very large transfer facility where trash trucks dump and the trash is packed into larger trucks to be hauled to landfill. We were discussing some video I wanted to get for my movie that was about 50% done but needed some shots that would require some very tricky shooting. As we were talking his little daughter came into his office crying and he told me it was because the thrift store compactors were dumping and they are full of toys and this upsets her. I walked outside to see 2 trucks dumping large industrial compactor bins containing about 50% toys. As soon as I saw this that video began playing in my mind. How dare us just throw away items that are so needed, items that could have such a powerful, calming impact on a hurting child’s life! This was a major eye opening, life changing event for me, making my life’s journey and all I have been through finally make sense. I began researching thrift store waste, how much and why. I was shocked at the amount of good items that most of these large thrift store organizations threw away! I began to contact COOs, CEOs, waste companies and even worked with some warehouse managers to figure out why these places sent so much of their donated materials to landfill. Again, what I found was shocking, warehouses overloaded in stuff and no place to send it, high cost of sorting, shipping etc. This is when Disposal Alternatives decided to become part of the solution. Currently our focus is toys and children’s items but we are working hard to expand as the resources become available. Disposal Alternatives goal is to seek out waste issues, find or create solutions to those issues then work to implement those solutions in a cost effective manner. We believe that a “GREEN” business should go above and beyond to be environmentally responsible and it is our job to help them get there. We also believe that taking care of the planet includes talking care of people. We have found that most waste solutions can also become people solutions. In the case of our current focus, we have partnered with many organizations who work with children in traumatic situations. Disposal Alternatives is also creating solutions by actually putting into action an organization that is custom fit to have major positive impact on the toy waste issue while at the same time, comforting hurting children. This is not the end of this story however since much of the toy waste we recover is not in reusable condition. To turn this waste issue around Disposal Alternatives designed a processor that recycles soft toys. It reclaims the polyfill insides which can then be reused as insulation. We will be posting updates here soon so stay tuned!

Since I was a young child I have had a fascination with trash trucks and other disposal equipment so I will also feature pics of some of the nicer trucks I run across. At a very young age I remember riding along with our driver and even going to the dump with him. Of course back then, things were a lot different than now. It was not a big deal for a kid to ride along and help the trash man. Now with all the liability paranoia, it's rare when a driver will even let you near the truck then alone ride along with him on it...

AS FOR ME, I am a sensitive and very caring person who tends to see through the many facades of our plastic society. I like to explore and share life and am not afraid to live outside the box. I am very resourceful and have made a good, responsible living so far while at the same time, giving to others and doing all I can to protect the environment. I tend to look for and implement real solutions but not always politically correct ones. Though I am an advocate of preserving the environment, I see through most of the politically driven programs that serve peoples agendas more than they do the environment.

I love to meet intelligent people and enjoy a cup of coffee and good discussion with them.

I enjoy exploring life and it’s rewards.

I love to learn of new things, especially those that challenge my comfort zone and cause me to reconsider things I take for granite, keeping me in touch with what is real and helping me not to get consumed by society's plastic facade.

I love pit-bulls, they are the sweetest and most loyal doggies around!

I love to go to places I have never been and just wonder the streets and get a feel of what makes that place special.

And, I love you, no matter who you are, you are here because your life has a purpose!

Life can get lonely living for what is right instead of what is popular, but I believe my reward is in the end....

So, enough about ( I ), tell me a bit about YOU….:)

Bill's Lovers

During the time Bill was making a complete ass clown of himself he has also had some various partners. The most recent ones are here along with a short description. It's an odd coincidence that most of his previous lovers are Male.

Joseph Labara

Self proclaimed fag and furry Joseph likes to spend his free time masturbating and fail trolling on the web. He was also dumb enough to believe a troll would send him a large stuffed animal which was later disposed of sent to live in a happier place.


Kim or also known as Crinklebutt is an under-aged transvestite. Who took interest in Bill because of their shared love of Child pornography and used diapers. Kim lives in the Netherlands and runs a blog proclaiming his faggotry for all the world to vomit at. [1]


Furfag from ass backwards Canada what more is there to say?

Bill's Butt hurt

Unfortunately, Bill has Asperger's Syndrome. Which makes for extra lulz when ever he is trolled. Here are a few examples of his butt hurt

I have been contacted by investigators who noticed that you have continued to represent yourself as a SAFE official. Not long ago you contacted a state senator and represented yourself as being part of our org. It seems that we have all been under investigation since that time and since you have continued to do this and we are an international relief effort incorporated with the state of Ohio, we have been asked to cut all communications with you. One of our attorneys was in contact with you last night and has decided that you have become a liability to our efforts and that if you continue to stalk me or any of our representatives on the inet or to represent yourself as a SAFE official, we will seek legal action against you and your guardians.

Please cease and desist any and all SAFE logos, branding and representation immediately!


Unicornguy, I'm not sure how else to resolve the problems you have caused as of late.  We have been blocking/banning you on the site for good reason.  Your behavior to other members of the site is not acceptable.  Doing more research on you, we have found that we are not the only site you have caused trouble on.

We have given you MANY chances, but you continue to keep doing the same things, which has brought us to where we are now. We cannot let you access the system when you continue to harass other members and the ban will stay in place until you can prove that you can behave, obey the rules, and quit causing drama amongst our members.

The more you try to gain access to the site, the longer these bans will remain in place, and the less likely you will ever be let back on to the site.

If you continue to do this, you leave us no choice but to contact your ISP, and local authorities.

We know where you are connecting from.





Butt hurt much?

Effective Ways to Troll Bill

1. Pose as furry
2. Gain his trust
3. ???
5. Unveil his secret to the world
6. Spam his friends and his website
7. Kill it with fire

Just use these simple steps and you're on your way to becoming a successful troll.

He's Mad You Guys.

His troupe of furry friends are now talking about taking legal action against the author of this article. Good luck with that.

hey THS He crossed a Huge line in posting the ED article I Think Legal Action is the only way to get him to go away now


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