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Dr. Comet (Hitoshi Natsumeis) is a mediocre furry artist that lives somewhere in Asia. He is praised by retarded furries for his wonderful time-consuming masterpieces.

In reality though, he is nothing more than your average shitty anthro artist. Like most anthro artists who claim to be good, all he uses is a trace filter on others' art and replaces the head with (insert animal's head here). Foreground, mid-ground and background is what you'd expect from art that isn't abstract. Dr. Comet's idea for foreground is squiggles, and his idea for background is a bunch of dots with Gaussian blur percentage well over 9,000. He also has a tendency to avoid drawing the faces of all his males because he can't draw expressions for shit.

For his Family

Dr. Comet sells his trace artwork on CD's for like $20.00 or something. He claims that it's to support his family. This is a lie, however, because no one has ever bought his CD's. Also, the landlord would get pissed off from getting paid with 20 dollar bills.

Copyright Infringement

An example of his faggotry.

What's ironic about this "family man" is that he investigates people who illegally bittorrent off his art, yet at the same time violates copyright laws to create said art.

Characters that Dr. Comet has Copypasta'd:

Unfortunately, Asia likes to have no copyright laws. I see what you did there, Comet.



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