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Dr. Hax will be posted by the same
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The one and only.
dont use hax fag lol


—Dr. Hax

Dr. Hax is a meme created by furfag YouTuber DasBoSchitt. It is very very funny, but only if you are 13 years old. In a nutshell, it is simply the Dr. Breen character from Half-Life 2 but with a HUEG head, and whenever someone starts using GodMode, Dr. Hax appears out of fucking nowhere and rapes that person with a fucking monitor even before he gets VAC banned. Dr. Hax also has an enemy, aka Chuckles the Cheat. Then again, nobody cares about this guy.

Despite how fucking unfunny it really is, Dr. Hax is used again and again in hundreds of Garry's Mod videos across YouTube.


Black kids are common targets.

Dr. Hax was first seen in the first episode of the Gmod Idiot Box by DasBoSchitt. Since it originated from a furry, this is technically a furry meme.

Dr. Hax, first seen at 1:40.

A Dr. Hax character is made by simply enlarging the head of the Dr. Breen model, then making him point and shout Hax at someone. DasBoShit fanboys are usually found spouting that this is originality and have many comment wars with NORPs because of it. Dr. Hax was soon copied by a bunch of his subscribers up to the point where people made stuff for it outside of YouTube, such as a HAAAX weapon for Garry's Mod.

The only reason it became a meme was because nobody could actually come up with any original content. However, some argue that Dr. Hax is not a meme at all because of this, since it really is just people using the same shit over and over.

DasBoSchitt Protection Squad

You need permishiunz!!1

Since all of DasBoShit's fans are total fucktards, they all believe that DasBoShit owns the rights to Dr. Hax. Yes, we're talking about the use of the Breen model and the HAAAX sound clip that came out of Half-Life 2. Even moar, they request that you need permission to make such videos. This is where the DasBoSchitt Protection Squad comes in.

Every video including Dr. Hax-based material MUST include some sort of homage to DasBoShit claiming how much of a God he is, usually in the form of a disclaimer. If a video does not have a message like this however, the DasBoSchitt Protection Squad will flock to that video and flood it with angry comments until the owner of the video adds a hint of fanboyism to the video description.

kitty0706 can make a really good hax scene. Don't worry, he has permission. Check him out sometime!


—You need permission off DasBoSchitt. Srsly.

i have permission to use Dr. Hax with dasboschitts permission.


—Look, even SWGmovies got permission.

did you have permison to use dr hax ?



Did you ask for use Of Dr. hax :}



did you got the permission for hax?



IT ISNT YOUR its MADE BY DAS BO SHIT quick and remove it



But, people should ask DasBoSchiits permision if they want to use Dr. Hax



To wrap it up, DasBo's subscribers know nothing about the Law and need to be purged immediately. Unsurprisingly, DasBoShit hates his subscribers.

When to use it

Dr. Hax should only appear if people are hacking.

When to use it
When the Gman is being a pussy.
When zombies.
When your LAN party starts blowing dicks.

What Facepunch has to say about Dr. Hax

Somebody posted a thread on Facepunch sometime in July 2009 stating they created some new totally original Dr. Hax video. In return Fagpunch users used their typical rewordings of GTFO:

BosSchitt needs to get that shit copyrighted, cuz peeps be steeeeelin.


—Some fucktard

Basboschit needs to quit in my option milking the series and its starting to suck, and I don't want to start seeing cheap knock offs... its like the twilight fanbase.... I hear mindless idiot gmod followers in GMOD now always quoting that damn series...

calm down... no more rants... Ive seen the damage a big rant can do...



all dasboshitt does is make the community stupider and makes it harder for serious film makers. We already had a surge of random films in 2007-2008 and it just started to tone back down to decent non random films., then BAM he hits us like a bitch, he could at least be like kitty who actually BUILD A FUCKING STORY BASE its like god damn family guy, go off no story line and make random shit happen, to please the low IQ population.


—ScoutKing. Actually it's because they suck.

I wouldn’t say its dead and he’s milking it but naming the skits is kinda dumb. But let’s face it, most “good” garry’s mod movies are random movies, and Dasboschitt pretty much perfected it with his series. It’s better than having hundreds of movies like the one’s Witchita used to make (has he been perma banned? I’m just glad he’s gone)


are you really that uncreative that you have to take someone elses idea?

if i were you i wouldnt do something on a character created by someone else.



The entire thread

Facepunch take on the DPS

Fed up with all the permission bullshit, Facepunch members oppose the DasBoSchitt Protection Squad greatly as shown from their responses to this video:

I think it was more of a video that is like "I HAVE PERMISSION TO USE DR. HAX AND YOU DON'T"


—The truth.

If I hear "Hax" one more time....


Dr. Hacks is as funny as an overused forced meme raped and run over by a train


The entire thread

Gallery of Haaaax

Whenever a member of DeviantArt turns sub-par (i.e. all of them) they end up only doing memes because it's the only thing they can do.

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