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Draconic: The place you go to talk with dragons to become a furry to die.
This happens if you don't.
Typical discussion on Draconic
The truth about Draconic, as well as the truth about pretty much every other otherkin site out there.

Draconic is a website featuring real dragons learning magic from each other. Contrary to popular belief, Draconic was not invented over 9,000 years ago by gigantic dragons from outer space but at least 100 years ago by Dubya and his mindless slaves to spread their word of horror across the world. It didn't take very long until it turned into a strange version of the Internet Hate Machine and started converting innocent people into a braindead scourge.

The founders of Draconic, being very cunning and intelligent, deny access to their forums to non-members, obviously in an attempt to avoid unwanted attention. Too bad they don't realize nobody gives a shit about dragon.

It spreads all over the Internet

This is one of Draconic's main admins describing doing what she does best. [Proof]

Growing beyond the boundaries of Draconic like bacteria, it gets a bit stuffy and crowded. Hence, Draconic members are also to be found on LiveJournal, where they are in charge of generating drama, as well as deviantART and FagAffinity, where they share their interesting stories about life and showcase artistic skills among equals.

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