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One of the images that started all this bullshit.

What happens when fanboys take their love of the favorite series after it is finally over too far? The answer is DragonBall AF. AF supposedly stands for "After Future", but anyone with an IQ higher than a gaiafag knows that it stands for "April Fools". Many years back on the internets there were two pictures and "rumors" about this new series currently being developed in Japan. Even though the DragonBall franchise has literally been done to death (almost forcing the series creator to become an hero), fans still believe there just isn't enough DragonBall out there. Let's take a look at that claim shall we?

Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball GT:
  • 16 Volume manga
  • 153 TV episodes
  • 4 Movies
  • 26 Volume manga
  • 291 TV episodes
  • 13 Movies
  • 2 TV specials
  • At least 100 videogames
  • 64 TV episodes
  • 1 TV special

Yes, fans just can't get enough spiky haired, buff, constipated, men beating the shit out of each other and charging lazers. But the reality is that AF is the series that never was, nor will be. The pictures that started this ridiculous rumor were fan art and were passed throughout the tubes like wildfire. Some fans wanted to believe this so bad that they did their own fanart of the fanart, passing it off as legitimate AF material, creating a feedback loop of shitty art (basically what happens all the time and how people learn to draw in DevianTART). AF is pretty much a horrible urban legend spawned by retarded fandom and is kept alive to this day.


What happens when tweenage fantards finally hit puberty, graduate high school, go to community college and eventually start working for half-ass game companies? The answer is DrgaonBall Xenoverse. No longer is this shitty cancer of the Internet bowels an urban legend or even a hilarious joke it has now come full circle and become an actual franchise in and of itself.

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Photoshop Atrocities

For those fans who can't draw, they have found a perfect way to spread the rumor: Taking existing pictures from various Dragonball episodes/movies and running various photoshop filters, inverting the colors, hue and saturation, or copy & pasting blonde hair onto everything. Sadly enough, these designs were obviously stolen for the new series, Dragonball Super.


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