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Habbo Hotel, or Drama Hotel, as it's called by seasoned Habbofags, is great for two things. Raiding, and causing pandemonium in the public rooms, and drama in the private rooms. Habbo drama however, has an inherent pitfall. Most of it occurs during in-room chat, which only Adminstrators have access to such logs. Screenshots prove lethal in this department, but they are easily altered, leading drama to be disputed. A seasoned ED expert will easily be able to circumvent this issue, someway, somehow.

As of recently, Habbo introduced both "homes" and their watered-down, PG-13 safe forums, which are also great sources of documentable drama and trolling.

Oh, the drama!

Habbo drama can be broken down into a few basic categories, all of them just as delicious as the last.

  • Personal Drama - This can be a sort of "umbrella" category, but main factors include: Threatening suicide, relationships and break-ups, intellectual copyright theft and general whining. This is the most prevalent category, containing the overall most win and fail.
  • Compulsive Gambling and Trading - Habbofags who have spent money often fall into compulsive gambling, often betting $100 in pixelated furniture, which can lead to personal drama if lost, or..
  • Holier than Thou Complex - When a Habbo has become synonymous with the term internet celebrity. These users' personal online worth is $0, yet they will parade around as if they themselves are Al Gore and have just invented internet 3.0
  • Staff Suck-up Deluxe - These are the Habbos you will normally find stalking the Administrators in hopes of becoming one of them, gaining personal favors or receiving free items.
  • Accidental Fame (Sidenote: The likelihood of this occurring is very slim; however it has happened.) - A Habbo enters in a contest in hopes of winning something and somehow, beats a Staff Suck-up. They are gifted with a rare item with a high price tag, which leads them to become compulsive gamblers.
  • Noobdrama - This is the drama that nobody really cares about. It blows over in less than 60 seconds, and nobody ever knows why Babygirl1313!!: was mad at ILUVBRADPITT4. This drama is fueled by 12 year olds and should be ignored, unless one is EXTREMELY desperate.

The Primary Sources

Drama can be caused by one of three primary things in Habbo:

  • Furni, or the pixelated furniture/possessions one may use while in-chat, can be a major source of problems.
  • Habbo Dating can lead to excessive amounts of drama. This is the most prolific type of drama, however it is all relatively the same.
  • Competitions are where Habbos can get entirely cut-throat. Often times during competitions, users will be told to design a private room around a certain item, genre or style idea. This can lead to intellectual copyright claims flying everywhere on the forums, if a room is too similar to another Habbos'. This will end in one of the users Quitting Habbo Forever, threatening suicide or a lolsuit.

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