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The Drama Llama (Lama drama) is in fact a Llama that is quite dramatic. It is the close cousin of the lolcow, and can often be found in small wooded areas in the United States, often times stirring up conflict with local townsfolk. Drama Llamas are widely considered to be the main source of butthurt in many communities. The easiest way to identify the Drama Llama is by its call, which sounds a lot like a 16 year old girl. Of course there are many different subgroups within the species of the Drama Llama. By far the most batshit would be the Drama Ljama. They can often be spotted by:

Drama Llamas can also be noticed by their distinct choice in clothing such as; tight pants, eyeliner, and just about anything from Hot Topic. Take caution when approaching a Drama Llama, they are considered to be highly dangerous, if you get too close unarmed to one it may drag you back down to its underground nest and get you involved in it's "SRS ISSUES OMG!!!11". No seriously, they will fuck you up. Don't try it.

Drama Llamas will often try to lure you to them so that they can launch a surprise attack, usually they will do this by crying in a corner, or posting sad pictures of themselves online, or even when they are really desperate taking pictures of their cuts to prove just how sad and depressing their life really is. Do not be fooled, the Drama Llama is crafty creature, do not show it any sympathy. If you show it any form of compassion, chances are it will follow you home.

The Drama Llama is well known for its ability to change its form to adapt to its current environment, though it prefers to stay in its Llama form, it will take on another if it needs to. Often times, it will mimic humans.

Natural Habitats

The Drama Llama while once an endangered species can now be found in abundance within the wild. Its natural habitats include:

It is attracted to the smell of rotting flesh and mediacrat.

Drama Llama Quotes

"...What the FUCK was I on when I had the brilliant idea to make those things?"



The Many Faces of the Drama Llama

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Examples of Drama Llamas


These sickening creatures are often cross-bred with internet celebrities, Lolcows and sick fucks leading to the rape of the internet.


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