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Drama_awesome feels torn as to whether this image is sexy or funny or funny in a sexy way.

Because furry and anime faggots outnumber normal people 9 to 1 on livejournal, Lj-favicon.png drama_awesome is what happened when 400 furries and anime faggots momentarily forgot that they don't deserve the same drama rights as human beings. In typical furry fashion, the community exists purely for furries to vent about people that they don't like. This could be any number of folks, including people that they used to be yiff buddies with but now hate, a guy who showed up to mock their horribly written anti-Bush rant, or furries who are slightly furrier than they are and therefore too furry. It gets especially dreadful when someone is accused of being an art thief.

In order to post in drama_awesome, you must follow the following rules:

  • You must have at least one icon consisting of terrible art done of your dragon character.
  • You have to hate some dumb bitch named Banrai because you don't understand anything about copyright laws in the United States.
  • Netspeak that was unceremoniously pilfered from either Something awful.com or ljdrama.org must be used in response to each and every post made.
  • You must have at least one icon of a horse ejaculating.
  • You must either be a closet otherkin or a closet dog raper. OR BOTH.

One of the moderators used to be Thaily, a woefully unattractive childfree drone who makes rounds in every livejournal community that she could possibly shit up with her obnoxious whining. It now seems to rest in the hands of a couple dozen people who think that they are dragons and at least one or two token wolves, But don't worry, their delusions of grandeur and alternate speciesism won't stop the dramarama gravytrain!

NEWSFLASH (9-14-08) Someone deleted fucking everything!

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