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A drama bomb being dropped into MySpace.

A drama bomb is a complex and powerful weapon of mass destruction made of pure drama. It was first developed by, as everything destructive and evil in the world, the Nazi Jew Albert Einstein with Al Gore's help, deep underground in the very Internets' core, a restricted area only accessible to the serious business dude, his wife, and his legendary e-pet (or possibly neopet).

What is it?

Unlike the atomic bomb or the lollercaust showers, the power of a drama bomb can pwn not only an entire place or ethnicity, but the very source of lulz on the internets if not dealt with properly, a task usually taken by LJ Drama or the powers that be at ED. Sometimes drama bombs need not be dropped: the most insidious ones, like mines, rest in the underground, waiting for someone to step (or in this case, argue) the shit out of them. As lesbians and straight people, drama bombs can't be seen with normal human eyes. It is rumored that wearing a fursuit enhances the chances of spotting one, but since wearing a fursuit means you're a furry, then you might as well activate the bomb and speed up your way to Shangri-La.

An explanation of the phenomena

The fascinating and compelling process that activates this mythical weapon is based on the infamous Drama theorem:

pi * m / + 0ƒ = x ± ylol

IRL it goes like this:

By this point, the Internets themselves have exploded amidst conspiracy theories and 9/11 memes, leaving only the lulz archived by LJ Drama behind, which will remain in the Internets and taint whatever site appears there forever more.

The aftermath of a drama bomb attack, here seen from Eljay

How to Drop teh Drama

Note that drama bombs are more easily dropped onto those who are different, although you also can take out lots of mundanes if they happen to be around the attack.

Ultimate Drama Bomb rumors

Allegedly, Encyclopedia Dramatica is working on the ultimate Drama Bomb, said to renew the world and bring forth a golden age without furries, shit bands, otherkins, emos, wapanese, uncyclopedians, Christians, and other deviants. Girlvinyl has indeed confirmed this, promising that the "EDbomb" will surpass even the casualties left by Frienditto.