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Not to be confused with Dramacrats. In fact they are the anti-Dramacrats.

Dramacunts are self-confessed EDiots who frequently complain about certain articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica, often without actually fixing or adding anything funny to the article in question. They are however much more than just whiny little bastards or vandals - though at first they appear to be the very lifeblood of trolling and drama they are known to be a particularly horrible disease known to bring down wikis. Many EDiots are only revealed to be Dramacunts when provoked and should be prevented from spreading as soon as they have been identified.


1. Projection of Butthurt

Dramacunts always claim certain articles are written by people who are the opposite of the article subject. For example - the article on white people must have been written by some uppity nigger or the article on men was written by a psychotic bitch. While this point is occasionally invariably true, this does not stop the fact that the article on blacks was written by a failed wigger or the article about women was written by a chauvinist pig and they are still hilarious.

2. Insertion of inappropriate jokes

Not inappropriate in the good way - inappropriate in that they simply don't belong there. Jokes about dumb Americunts belong in the article about Americunts, not Britfags. Jokes about Christians belong in the article about Christians, not atheists.

3. No matter how the article is written or how many times it is re-written, they continue to complain that it is not offensive.

If this were so then they would not complain - loudly and persistently - about said article.

4. A misunderstanding of Bunker's Law.

Cause (a.k.a. "The Isaac Hayes Effect")

All Dramacunts have a serious and sadly incurably mental illness known as The Isaac Hayes Effect. The condition itself is named after dead nigger Isaac Hayes who played the voice of Chef from South Park, a show popular for it's crude and offensive humour. Nothing was sacred and they frequently enjoyed pissing off Christians, Jews, Gays, women and fatties. He abandoned the show when they started shitting on scientology - which just so happened to be his religion. It's different when they make fun of YOUR beliefs.

The same goes for Dramacunts. Certain articles cause massive amounts of retarded editing wars, namely:

Why? Because the majority of Encyclopedia Dramatica users are white, atheist males who think they're edgy anarchists.

Put simply the Isaac Hayes Effect is a sub-division of Liberal Butthurt Syndrome, except that instead of being bleeding-heart flower-children they are bitter, attentionwhoring, bloated Nazi-wannabes. They have feelings too, you know. Interestingly, one of the few articles which has (mostly) escaped this onslaught is the page on Heterosexuals - thus confirming the fact that Dramacunts are cock-chugging faggots.

Due to a terminal lack of imagination, a few smug pricks refer to the Isaac Hayes Effect as Conservative Butthurt Syndrome.

Case Studies

Moar info: Disgraced Encyclopedia Dramaticians.

PirateSmackK - After a brief vandalism spree on TOW gave him his 15 seconds of fame, PirateSmackK brought his talent over to ED, but over the years has become a metastasized cancer on the wiki, leading to him getting his very own article. Though thrilled over his new e-fame, today Pirate tries to keep his bullshit to a minimum, lest the sysops publicly release his dox.

VandalFucker - An ex-sysop whose finger became stuck on the deletion button. After flinging a good deal of shit about, his own talk page mysteriously went missing as well. This lead to him being unceremoniously de-opped and thrown off the wiki. He now has an article to call his own.

Pokchu - An ex-sysop who didn't hit the delete button fast enough. When his parents were sued because of an article he wrote, he promptly denounced his profession. Sadly Pokchu's article is no more, but the effect it had on his family will hopefully last forever.

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Not everybody who complains about an article's shittiness is a Dramacunt. Sometimes the article is just shit. Similarly just because an article is subject to {{Retarded Editing Wars}}, such as Asperger's Syndrome or Snapesnogger, this does not mean the people involved are Dramacunts. They are just cunts.


Encyclopedia Dramatica's popularity stems from its willingness to shamelessly mock everyone and everything - even it's own fanbase. Dramacunts fail to realise this and frequently confuse ED with Metapedia. Noticeably however even ED itself suffers from the Isaac Hayes Effect too - the only thing they take seriously is their right not to take anything else seriously.

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