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this is what the fag looks like IRL
set sail for fail

Dramaking !sKR.rTjMN was a famous tripfag on /b/, he was first spotted late 2007 and has not been seen since his ban in 2008. Durning his time on /b/ he stirred up several diffrent size shitstorms, before finally getting b& for being a huge attention whore and a faggot. Being Dramaking, he evaded the ban and made a thread about it, managing to get a tripcode ban.

How to make magic crystals

This image caused the first and biggest shitstorm, it is still in circulation and can be seen used in shitty advice threads. It gives instructions as how to make "magic crystals" using bleach and lemon juice. Despite being quite possibly the most obvious trap ever made several anons have claimed to have fallen for it, one can never underestimate human stupidity, especially not on /b/.

Anonymous leader Icetroll

In December 2007 Dramaking posted what at first seemed to be an extra faggy personal army request under the name "Anonymous leader Icetroll" (on the image, he still posted it as dramaking), untill you got to the end of it where it turns into a rant about how anonymous is underage and utter shit. Anonymous, not content with having his e-penis insulted, decided to tell him why he was wrong in a polite and calm manner. Butthurt ensued.

Rainbow cake

In early 2008, Dramaking posted what at first sight appeared to be a legit rainbow cake recipie. The initial drama was not big, no matter how often he tried to repost it. this was most likely due to the average anon not giving enough of a fuck about the recipie to realize that it will result in disaster. The steam bubble created during baking can cause serious burns, however this is easy as fuck to realize once you have it baked in front of you and no anon is known to have been injured from this.

Windows Optimizer

has its own article. Highly recommended for all windows systems.