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DreamWorks is an ok animation-company that makes unforgettable classics such as three Madagascar films, and the constant advertisements and promotions shoved down our anuses that came with each film. They are also popular for being the main competitor of fucking Pixar, God knows how. They are currently the only-thing keeping Nickelodeon alive.


Steven Spielberg and some other faggots were playing around with Blender when they decided to sell their abominations for profit. Judging by Steven Spielberg being involved in this conspiracy, it's easy-to tell why everyone who watches their movies are Jews, straight from the corporate-world. These Jews then attend the theaters, increase the demand for the movies, and let free-market capitalism do it's thing. As profit rises, the Israelis get richer and richer and do more WTC.


DreamWorks Explained

DreamWorks once made cartoon-animated films, but nobody gives a fuck about them, considering they might have actually been ok films. This is a comprehensive-list of all the franchises shat out by DreamWorks.

Antz: A primitive 'A Bug's Life' ripoff.

Shrek: A Scottish Ogre voiced by Austin Powers who was originally supposed to be voiced by Chris Farley but thank God he over dosed before it was finished and was rewritten after it was taken over by The Love guru Guy along with a talking donkey voice-acted by Eddie Murphy, and Puss in Boots, a Spanish cat matador or something, do stupid shit for 2 hours, usually trying to fuck Fiona, a dumb ginger bitch who gets turned into an ogre. This movie was heavily inspired by the Bible, and everything in it is a Jewish perspective on the New Testament. Last Thursday, Pussy-Boots got his own movie, and it was just as you'd expect. Did we also mention that this film is part of an entire fucking quadrilogy?

Shark Tale: A primitive Finding Nemo ripoff, featuring Will Smith. Oscar the fish works at a Whale Wash (Get it? BECAUSE THEY'RE FISHES). Sharks are not friends in this flick as sharks see fish as food. Oscar befriends a shark voiced by Jack Black and pretends to slay said shark and becomes famous. Soon, he gains fame by endorsing in what is soon to be the most blatant product placements in animation history, next to that animated Adam Sandler movie with the creepy old pedophile. The shark mafia finds out of Oscar's lie and tries to kill him. Oscar defeats mafia. The End. This film was protested by the American Family Association for supporting faggot-rights. I am not shitting with you. Since this is a Will Smith movie, expect a lot of Bob Marley music playing over and over throughout.

Madagascar: An interesting idea, ruined by two unnecessary sequels. Four Zoo animals from New York get stuck in some crates or some-shit and then they arrive in AIDS-ridden Madagascar, home to an absolutely annoying-ass fuck Lemur who crowned himself King called Julian, his assistant Maurice who does all his shit for him, and his biggest fan Mort. Keep in mind that in The Penguins Of Madagascar, Julian has a Caribbean accent, but in the original films, he was voice-acted by Sacha Baron Cohen, who sounded like an American trying to imitate a Jamaican person. Oh yeah, and there are also penguins. Anyways they get stuck on the island and try to survive, they have fights, and eventually everything is alright. Or is it?

Over The Hedge: : A cool guy Raccoon brings human-food like Doritos for teh animals to eat and the Neo-Luddite Turtle, angry at the modernization of the tribe, gets all raeg and jealous. There is a Squirrel called Hammy who has a simultaneous ADHD, Assburgers, and AIDS infection and is addicted to soda-pop. He is that unfunny stupid character that is advertised in a shitload of promotional crap for a movie, that all the Jews and American citizens find funny for some-reason. They invade some uptight cunt's property and lulz ensues.

Transformers: One of DreamWorks only Live Action Movies. Was Good But the Sequels Sucked.

Bee Movie: A terrible Jewish film about a talking Jewish bee, voiced by Jerry Seinfeld , with horrible cultural-references that includes bee puns in them (like "Bee Larry King". That's his name. Ugh.) The bee ends up having a sexual relationship with a woman. Also the bee's ability to speak causes no controversy or scientific intrigue among humans. Go figure. You will only laugh once in the film, at the part where Jerry has a bad nightmare where the lady is riding a flying contraption and she waves to him and crashes and dies. Too bad it didn't happen for real.

This is all you really need to see

Kung-Fu Panda: Has a large cult-following in China and a shitty TV show on Niggerlodeon. A fat panda (named "Po") that makes noodles is titled a Kung Fu master after an elderly retarded turtle loves his entrance on fireworks, other Kung Fu students get jealous of Po for being labeled for the position and some dickhead tiger escapes from San Quentin State Prison to kill him. Po kills the savage tiger and China regains peace. Po, the panda is voiced by the only member that anybody knows from Tenacious D, Jack Black. Plus it needed to be a trilogy.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: The animals build a crappy airplane made from metal and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Debris and attempt to fly back to 'New-Yoke', but crash in even moar AIDS-ridden Africa. All of the characters still sound annoying as fuck, however.

Monsters Vs. Aliens: The-title is a bit confusing, but Aliens try to destroy the Earth or something and then a chick and some monsters battle them and they win. No one has cared about this film since it was released in 2009.

How To Train Your Dragon: A film set in Viking Denmark or Sweden, (then again, who the fuck cares). A flimsy sperglord named 'Hiccup' wants to be a Viking Warrior, befriends a dragon and then he gets laid. Well maybe. It's widely regarded as having good 3D animation and the only DreamWorks movie that most people like. It also has a TV show, except on Cartoon Network that has more hair animation than the Nickelodeon cartoons. It's still shit by the way.

Megamind: An evil Smurf/alien hybrid takes over a stupid city that kisses Brad Pitt's ass and then becomes a superhero that nobody really needs. Fantards will reply ad-nauseam that it's a rip off of the Superman Graphic Novel Red Son.

Puss in Boots: A Shrek spinoff that was forgotten. A sequel was supposed to be made, but is in development hell, cause who gives a shit. The Netflix series doesn't count.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted The animals go to Europe and annoy-the fuck out of everybody. The afro-song is earrape.

Rise of the Guardians: "Jack Frost the Movie", better known as "Slash-Fic your Childhood", is about your kid's brain violently vivisected and thrown into your DVD player. Jack Frost, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandy-Vajajaman are off to hunt and kill the Boogeyman so that he could stop molesting small children before they do. Its main character was clearly only made so that he could fuck Hiccup in the ass. Also, Man-Frozen.

The Croods: A cave princess finds her new world to invent new things. There was gonna be a sequel, but DreamWorks canned any sequel production, and the animation world BAWW'd; but who gives a shit, this movie sucked anyway.

Turbo: Another ripoff of a Pixar film that features racing, pimped out snails instead of cars. A snail becomes mutated and turns sooper fast, gets trained by an obese Mexican that works in a taco truck and wins the Indy 500. Samuel "MOTHAFUCKIN'" L. Jackson is in this movie, but he's not important in this movie as Snoop Doggie Dogg.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Some CG talking dog movie based on a 1960s cartoon segment from Saturday mornings who is a jack of all trades and not just a scientist, adopts a toddler named Sherman and when they grow up, he becomes a kid, they go back and forth, it becomes a cross of Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Rick and Morty, and other bullshit. Also, Joe Swanson is in it as a obese roman soldier, the second DreamWorks movie he voices since Bee Movie.

How to Train your Dragon 2: A sequel to the original How to Train your Dragon. The movie basically centers around Hiccup meeting his long-lost mother who turns out to be another dragon rider. Hiccup hears about a crazy murderer named "Drago", who has a giant "alpha dragon" with mind-control powers. Drago and Hiccup and his friends then have a giant battle, which Hiccup loses, and Hiccup's dad is killed when he jumps in front of a mind-controlled Toothless who had originally intended to kill Hiccup instead. This death resulted more BAWWWing from brokenhearted fangirls than has ever before been seen in DreamWorks history. Drago is defeated at the end of the movie, though, and Toothless is freed from the mind-control. Hiccup then becomes the new chief of Berk. Somehow, HTTYD2 made a lot more money than the original movie.

Home: Basically an E.T. ripoff. This dumbass alien named Oh (Yes, that's actually his name) fucks up and runs away from his alien race which eventually leads him to team up with a girl named Tip who's trying to find her mother. It's bad, trust us.

Trolls: This film is about a paranoid goth troll (named "Branch") who becomes a bitch slave to some radical pink-haired feminazi (named "Poppy"), after her kingdom is fucked hard by a giant heap of shit known as a "Bergen". The "Bergens" force all of the trolls into becoming their personal sex dolls - for twenty fucking years. Poppy and Branch decide to play Co-op, help some fugly cow get laid so that she can help the Trolls escape from prison rape, some other shit happens, they all get caught and get so fucking depressed about reality that they turn grey. Branch confesses that he "loves" Poppy, which makes everyone regain all their colors (including the Bergen shitstains), and then everyone contracts AIDS. The end.

The Boss Baby: A talking baby!?!

Captain Underpants: Based on a non-fictional series of tales about guro and rape; this Oscar-winning film set in Columbine tells a tale of two kids; one skinhead and the other a token black comic-relief hypnotizes a principal to be a superhero with a towel on his back. That hero would end up creating the next-wave holocaust.


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