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You would never guess this guy lives in his parent's basement.

Dshocker (Nathan Hanshaw) is a serious gamer and an IRL troll. At the age of 17 he dropped out of high school and took up hacking. It didn't take long until he was convicted of computer related crimes after being careless.

Dshocker is a Massachusetts-based ddoser and packet kiddie who broke into multiple corporate computer systems and manipulated thousands of botnets. He then used that network of computers to launch cyberattacks on other computer servers and telephone systems, among other improprieties. His efforts even prompted SWAT teams and other public safety officials to respond to phony bomb threats. He got raided in 2008 and agreed to an 11-month prison sentence to be served in a juvenile detention facility.



Serious gamer

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Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, Nathan decided to became a model citizen and did what any teenager would do. He packed all his belongings and migrated from his bedroom to his parent's basement. Now living comfortable in his natural habitat he took up gaming and became a serious gamer.

Hanshaw's "friends"

Because of the Internet, even the most elite basement dwellers end up making friends. Of course, keeping them is an entirely different matter. During one of his 18 hour gaming sessions, Hanshaw got butthurt at one of his gaming buddies. This guy also refused to live a boring and pathetic existence. He resided with his mother, who worked two jobs, and shared a crappy hotel room with her. At least he could play games all day and not be some loser with a job.


God dammit! Where is my coffee?

Either way, Nathan was enraged and did what any ordinary person would do, became an IRL troll! Our clever gamer devised a scheme to convince the authorities that his "friend" had, "bombs, hostages and guns." A totally original idea. Being the attention whore that he is, Nathan also called in a news tip about a bomb threat. Knowing that he was technologically savvy and that he covered his tracks, what could possibly go wrong?

The police stopped by the nearest Dunkin' Donuts then proceeded to the La Quinta Inn to save the hostages. While playing League of Legends, his friend's game was interrupted by a knock on the door. Much to Hanshaw's disappointment, SWAT didn't kick in the door as he planned, they were still enjoying coffee and doughnuts. It wasn't long before the authorities realized they have been IRL trolled by someone.

Special Agents Mulder and Scully

The FBI was contacted and Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were summoned. Even with the assistance of PRISM, it took the agents months to trace the hoax calls from Southern California back to Boston. The breakthrough came when Nathan's friend recalled that someone on the Internet doesn't like him.

For the next 30 months, Nathan no longer spends all day in a basement with greasy pizza boxes everywhere. Instead he spends a minimum of 18 hours a day being some black guy's bitch, learning about IRL gaming. So his buddy gets to have the last laugh.

Sadly, Governor Brown and the Los Angeles City Council have no sense of humor and passed new laws intended to spoil everyone's fun. Research has proven this deter criminals and serious gamers like Nathan Hanshaw. Or will it?

Early 2016 Arrest

After not being out of prison on parole for more than a year, Nathan decides to get a wild hair up his arse and steal a Television from a department store.

An Athol man was charged with larceny after allegedly attempting to steal a television from Kohl's on Tuesday, according to a police spokesman.

Nathan Thaddeus Hanshaw, 24, of 207 Walnut St., 2nd Floor, Athol, was charged with one count of larceny over $250, according to police Lt. Michael Ciccolini.

He said security personnel at Kohl's, on Orchard Hill Park Drive, allegedly saw Hanshaw pick up a television and leave the store. Hanshaw was detained by the security personnel.

He was arraigned in Leominster District Court on Wednesday.


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Moar info: Dshocker/pastebin.

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