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Duck Face - Gran.jpg

Hayley Williams, the dyed-hair fake-ginger from Paramore does it.

The duckface is essentially Fat girl angle shot 2.0. It is done in an attempt to appear "cute" or "hot" on MySpace or Facebook or Bebo or whatever-the-fuck. It seems to be a new, mutated strain of Internet disease that is most commonly seen with 16 year-old scene girls and guidos, but sometimes it can afflict cougars, fags, and even children.



Some argue that duckface is actually attractive, and it is not to be confused with kissy lips, which is an entirely different phenomenon. Neither is it FGAS, because there are some IRL duckfaces that are pretty hot. This has sparked some minor controversy in that fat girls try to look like a hot IRL duckface OL by putting on the duckface look themselves, and ultimately failing at hawt. The truth of the matter is that fatties are only attractive to other fatties and chubby chasers, although you'd know this if you weren't a faggot.


Duckface from first to final form.
Every single facebook camwhore in a single photo.
Duckface 2.0
  1. Attempt to pout.
  2. Make a dumb kissy face.
  3. (optional) make peace sign for added hawtness
  4. For best results, take this picture with a mirror.
  5. Take picture.
  6. Congrats! You're a fucktard.
Some faggots even made a song about it, but the duckfaced bitches featured in the video keep sending takedown notices to YouTube. You can help by replacing it with the latest mirror when it gets taken down.



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