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For THE Duncan, see: Frank Garrett

Duncan is an administrator at Habbo and the Habbo Discussion forums, thus making him the ultimate failure on the internets. He is also an e-lawyer and secret agent in his spare time (which is 24/7 due to being a habitual basement dweller).

Duncan's rise to stardom

Sometime during The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006, Duncan himself was banned during the chaos and immediately posted a whiny, bitchy rant on habbo discussion.

Duncan the internets ninja

On July 27th, Duncan allegedly posted a threat to 4chan's /b/ section. Whether or not it was actually Duncan has yet to be figured out. The threat is as follows.

  • "Dear /b/, I am Duncan, administrator at Habbo.com and Habbodiscussion.com.

As you may have noted. There has been a lot of pro-Israel trolling lately. This is no coincidence. This is just one of our many psy-op agents. That's right, this is one last warning against /b/.

Habbo knows an all out invasion does not work against /b/, we have, however, trained several agents to contaminate the discource at your board and thus have it crumble from within. Your annonymity is your weakness, /b/.

To speak in your language, we're going to "fag /b/ up" to such an extent no self-respecting /b/tard will be able to come here.

We have hundreds of trained agents ready to be deployed, and /b/ has no defense against them due to the nature of the board.

We will not piss into an ocean of piss, we'll add fruit juice to it.

How to avoid this? CEASE AND DESIST IN YOUR RAIDS! We all know about the 9/11 raid, we all read poolsclose.com, we all browse this forum and your "allied" sites. End this shit NOW or you're in for a real internet war. Habbo is not to be fucked with.


Of course this plea was met with countless 4chan memes and bel-air, A-team and/or knightrider variations on the text message. Some /b/ fucktards tried to actually interact but of course made great fail by being serious business on 4chan.

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