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Who really gives a shit?
Well, it is a nice shade.
A typical Thursday in Toowoomba.
Holy LOL, there's a book.

The "E.S. 'Nigger' Brown Stand" is a racist stand located in Toowoomba, Australia which nobody gives a shit about.



For at least 100 years black person activist Stephen Hagan has tried to get the name of this stand changed without success. This lulzy stand was originally named in the 1960's after Edward Stanley Brown, a wigger nicknamed due to his surname being "Brown" and the existence of a popular color of shoe polish named "Nigger Brown", surname = Brown, black people = brown, lol rocket science. At that time it was acceptable to use the N word but apparently black people don't like to be called that now.

Stephen Hagan

Through the media across the country Stephen Hagan has been represented as a valiant and noble warrior fighting for truth and justice. In reality he is fighting over a stupid stand in a town noone cares about. For his retarded and pointless efforts he has been rewarded with death threats from white supremacist groups including the witty KKK slogan "Don't snigger, nigger, the Klan is getting bigger."



It would seem obvious that the name of this stand should be changed but not to the folks in Toowoomba. They have fought so hard to keep the name of the stand that it was taken all the way to the High Court where Toowoomba won.

Despite being made of fail Stephen Hagan asked the United Nations to force it to change. When they actually did this Toowoomba chose to ignore their request, which isn't surprising because the United Nations is a joke with no real power.

Flame Wars

Every few weeks a Flame war would erupt in the local newspaper's "Letters to the Editor" section, which would eventually result in nothing but lulz. In these fucktarded fights the petty battle is referred to as the Remove the N word Fight, the editor having no of the lulzy internet relevance of that title.

One should remember that Toowoomba is the only known place in Australia outside of Tasmania, where the lighter population are regularly regarded as being inbred enough to embrace the 'two-headed' moniker as an adored nickname which is demonstrative enough to encapsulate their (2wombians) twisted view of this planet.

Just look at their opinions on Water http://victorwhitelaw.blogspot.com/2006/09/battle-of-toowoomba-phase-two.html

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