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This article defines official ED Policy.
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Only hackers, miscreants and pedophiles use TOR.

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You're not connected to our hidden service, read on if you're interested on how to get it working.

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What the fuck is TOR?

So you've aced CSIII and are looking to browse a slower, entirely more shitty version of Encyclopedia Dramatica over The Onion Router, well, you've come to the right place. You're probably asking yourself: "Why the fuck does ED even have a hidden service anyways? What's the point of that?" In the event that an article or our entire website is blocked in the country that you live in, you can now access a read-only version of ED over TOR. If something happens to our frontend servers, the hidden service should continue to serve requests until we are able to repair / replace the frontend servers, thus allowing you a constant stream of lulz.

What information does Encyclopedia Dramatica collect on its hidden service?

We handle traffic differently for our hidden service entry point. It works similar to how our frontend load balancers work: on its own isolated VPS, with a few tweaks to nginx. We make our best effort to rewrite any URLs to any resources on ED to make sure that they're being served over our .onion. We also remove youtube embeds, and turn off Google Analytics. Advertisements are still served, but there's no tracking on any of the advertisements. Our hidden service node does not log any requests that enter or exit it, we also remove your referrer, user-agent and any cookies before proxying the request to our backend; as well, we drop any cookies that the backend may send back. The only information that is logged is kept on our super top secret backends and is shown below: - - [08/Oct/2012:02:46:26 -0400] "GET /Encyclopedia_Dramatica:TOR HTTP/1.1" 200 24552 "-" "ED:TOR Hidden Service"

Why is the Hidden Service Read Only?

The way the hidden service works, it does not know your originating IP address, nor does it know anything that can identify your computer / browser / internet connection specifically, thus, we cannot deal with vandals / sockpuppets that edit through our hidden service. So, for now, we don't allow editing, registration or any POST requests to our servers from the Hidden Service.

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