ED Exodus into The Promised Land

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ED Exodus into The Promised Land

Hearing the praises of The Promised Land sung on high and from every YouTube vlogger of note, a band of brave young EDiots made their way from the seamy urban e-sprawl of YouTube in hope of a better, brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow full of luv and lulz where they could be accepted and cherished as the unique and special butterflies they are.

On the first day, all was wonderful and the EDiots joyously celebrated their newfound home, posting videos and reuniting with their fellows. Together they began building a happy little enclave, secure in the warm and friendly environs of The Promised Land.

Innocent EDiots, still unaware of the horrors to come


At this time we are unsure who this Faye006 Live Video troll is however it is currently believed to be girlvinyl.

But lo, and woe unto the EDiots, for such happiness was not to be. Their time in Paradise was cut short. As they frolicked unaware in the shiny and widget-filled Web 2.0 wonder of LiveVideo, the dark beast in its fascist underbelly was aroused. Why, these were not emo hipsters or fat basement dwelling nerds. Fearing this new immigration, LiveVideo struck quickly and viciously and without warning. The banhammer fell upon the unsuspecting and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thus the EDiots were expelled from Paradise and forced to wander the cold and unfriendly internets, all the while fighting to regain The Promised Land.


ED vid makes it to the LiveVideo.com front page

But lo, a small band of EDiots escaped the flaming might of the banhammer and at this moment are locked in a frantic battle to reclaim a foothold in the Promised Land. For this is the Internets! and all should be allowed to move freely through its vast, wondrous expanses (except for furries who are an abomination and must be banished to the Basement of Eternal Darkness). The battle still rages.

Slowly but surely, the ragtag resistance group are fighting back the swathe of anti-ED sentiment in the Promised Land, and presently request anyone wishing to aid the cause to get on irc with any email addresses of the President, CEO or Administrators of Live Video.

Let My People Go

And the EDiots spoke unto The Denizens of The Promised Land, and said "Verily we come to you in peace, our brethren." But there were, vipers dwelling among The Righteous who sought to use the EDiots to their own ends.

"Look upon these newcomers not as your fellow but as your Enemy," cried Violetkitty411 unto her followers, "for they are Unrighteous and never must they be free." For Violetkitty411 feared that the true Righteousness of the Disciples of the Lulz would turn the LiveVideans from her false prophesy if they were allowed to frolic unchecked. "Do not listen to their Damnable Lies," she proclaimed, "gather close and heed unto My Law and I shall keep you safe."

And the EDiots cried out to The Great LOL, "O LOL, hear us in this, our Time Of Need and help these LiveVideans to see through these Charlatans and behold our Righteousness." And The Great LOL heard the cries of his children and spoke to those that would drive them from The Promised Land.

ED Exodus into The Promised Land

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