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Conclusive evidence that ED's FB is full of humorless fags

Encyclopedia Dramatica exists in more places than just here. We have a fanbase on other sites, like reddit, twitter, and even Facebook. Unfortunately ED's Facebook group is full of normies who put zero effort into ED beyond hitting "Like" and "Follow", so it's full of humorless fags who can't handle people saying "nigger" and cry at the sight of a dead body (WTF are they doing on ED in that case?)


Despite Encyclopedia Dramatica's constant claims that we are not /b/, this is taken to be a mere red herring for the denizens of Facebook. On November 10, 2009, ED's machine god decided to advertise the forums on the official Facebook page to attract hordes of new users and their sockpuppet friends to discuss enthralling topics such as The IRC fucking sucks and Trap Of The Year. What the machine spirit discovered on the page was not a discussion of how many girls wanted to suck our Sysops' cocks, but rather a collection of morons spouting memes and acting like mouth-breathing retards. To set them straight, God spoke. And they listened.
Editor's note: If any of the people features in these quotes attempts to remove them, I'll post the uncensored version.


My friend told me it would be a bad idea to divide by zero but I did it anyway to see what would happen. So far nothing's happened. OH SHII-


—Some fag

I'm 12 years old and what is this


—Some fag with courage wolf for his picture. Bet he gets all the ladies, amirite?

Niggers. That is all.


—Some guy who just got facefagged.

oh my god, is this the page for 4chan? no it is not. SO QUIT IT WITH YOUR LAME CHANNER BULLSHIT BEFORE YOU ALL GET SENT 100 PIZZAS.


—Encyclopedia Dramatica in cruise control

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