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ED Singers = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

There are a few things not everyone at Encyclopedia Dramatica hates. Among this list are white people, cats, the New York Yankees, and at one time, for a very small period of time: The ED Singers.
YouTube Favicon.png The ED Singers was a YouTube channel made up of one weeaboo pretending to be three weeaboos dedicated to singing about internet famous lulzcows with their own ED articles. The channel was created during the Amuria drama of 2008 and was focused on deviantART users. Although this account was not affiliated with ED at start, ED cool kids discovered them and and almost instantly welcomed into the inner circle of lulz. What could possibly go wrong? You can help by harassing them to stop dropping nudes. Seriously, enough is enough. Alternatively you can buy them trips to the tanning salon so that they can hide the big red veins in their breasts.


EDS2 sat across from me in the choir room and we would always make that @[email protected] Face at each other to make each other lol. And some girl thought we were doing to make fun of her and claimed that it was a "Racisss clown face"


——EDS1 on #wiki

The birth of the ED singers began with a jailbait, EDS1, and a loli, EDS2, in their high school choir. EDS2 decided to introduce deviantARTs queen of all attention whores, Amuria, and her article on Encyclopedia Dramatica to EDS1, who happens to be a giant weeaboo and an internet surfer. However, EDS1 was living under an internet rock for she had no idea of what content was within Encyclopedia Dramatica. Eventually, she has gotten hooked on ED and was so enthusiastic about it and Amuria’s article that she wanted to – that’s right, sing about it. So EDS1 and EDS2 teamed up and created the ED Singers account on YouTube and share their videos of lulz. Unfortunately, despite all the lulz they can make with their videos, they fear to link any of their personal profiles to the account and vice versa for they have no desires to receive flames from butthurt fans. They also feared that ED users would frown upon them and their videos which lead them to state that they shared no affiliation with Encyclopedia Dramatica whatsoever. Skip forward to late 2009, the ED Singers had their own ED account and more videos of them singing about godawful artists. Even a new member joined them, the EDS3, who successfully won their contest. One day, EDS1 was in shock when Sheneequa sent her a message inviting her to the one and only ED IRC. It seems that someone discovered the ED Singers and mentioned it to Sheneequa via IRC. Upon receiving the exact opposite reaction of what EDS1 expected, she finally joined the EDF and IRC. However, since EDS2 was still underaged, EDS1 forbids her to enter IRC, even though she was the one who introduced her to ED in the first place, as well as having her ignore the fact that a large percentage of ED Fans are underage. EDS3 is also an IRC frequenter, but joins under the name "Vee".


The ED Singers songs are obviously comparable to those of Weird Al Yankovic. Both are parodies and are written in a mocking matter. But what draws the line between them is that the ED Singers songs are actually funny and full of h8, which makes a significant difference. Also, all of the images of the videos are drawn in MS Paint because EDS1 believes that they have broken enough copyright rules already.

Our videos COMPLETELY break every single community guideline rule im sure



The relationship between the ED Singers and YouTube is also rather ambiguous. Their songs appear to be a blatant attack in YouTube standards and can be taken down as a violation. Interestingly enough, they were never suspended, even though the ED Singers themselves believe that their videos break the community guideline. YouTube also offered to have a partnership with them and place ads within their videos. YouTube is literally owned by Google, the very site that hates ED and has permbanned it from GoogleAds. However, after two weeks of their proposal, they have received no response. Surprisingly, this article will show up as the first result when you search "ED Singers" in Google. Surely, this article will alert Google to their crimes and all videos will be taken down in a storm of ToS violations. Additionally, their "trademark" is the emoticon @[email protected] Most EDiots are unaware why they utilize that emoticon or what it even represents. The emoticon originated (or gained notoriety) on deviantART during the Amuria drama. Since their first song was on Amuria, they decided to adopt it as their trademark on ED and YouTube.


As we all know, ED is a very touchy topic; this is no different for YouTube. The ED Singers receive a wide range of reactions from YouTube users. On the positive side that agrees with the ED Singers are the fail trolls, actual trolls, deviantART users tired of shitty art but still draw shitty art and the quiet ED user. On the opposing side, those who abhor the content within ED are white knights, butthurt fanboys, stupid fangirls, shitty artists and ass kissers. The positive side, as expected, have the more mature and better comments, however, both sides can make incomprehensible statements. However, it is not only the fan who notices their songs. The ED Singers had successfully received a response from two people whom they have trolled; TackyAnimationsX3 and Snapesnogger. The song on Tackyanimations was one of the most discussed videos of the day receiving hundreds of comments from weeaboos. Even Tacky, herself, noticed the ED Singers’ video and even commented multiple times. Unsurprisingly, Tacky decided to hide her own comment. What she doesn’t know is that many cool kids use Firefox, a web browser that comes with a no-style feature that can reveal any hidden comment on YouTube. However, the best response came from the one and only, Snapesnogger. Snapesnogger, being an untalented bitch who fails at everything at life, responded to the ED Singers by making her own song as seen below.

<EDS1> Though, her(LittleCloud) song was god awful (recording wise) so it needed to be redone

<EDS1> Um I used that picture of her she drew <EDS1> and she copyrighted claimed her art <EDS1> which is... totally legit :P


Yes, that’s right. LittleCloud, herself, has successfully taken down one of the ED Singers’ songs. Obviously as an act off butthurt, Cloudie was filled with rage and wanted to show the ED Singers’ her true dragonforce. Unlike their other videos, the ED Singers’ decided to use an art work made by LittleCloud as the image of their song. LittleCloud has taken the opportunity and actually reported the video as a violation against the TOS. Of course, YouTube is filled with stupid pricks, so they agreed to take down the LittleCloud song. T’was a sad day for the ED Singers. February 25th 2010 marked yet another day in which the ED Singers has lost yet another video due to a violation report. This video was made for a horrendously ugly, bald, gay weeaboo, VampiricSpektor. VampiricSpektor has declared war on ED during the lovely month of February, and as so, IRC users requested a song to be made about him. And as that task was done, it is needless to say that the song was funny and dead-on accurate. Of course, since our dear VS dislikes cyber bullying, flagged it as a violation.

Actual responses

Tragedy Strikes

File:Eds1 nude.jpg
Herp derp imma important person on teh internets with huge watermelon sized veiny titties.

Unfortunately for the other EDsingers, and ED in general, eds1's GOTIS reached epic proportions in early August of 2010. Following a major coup which resulted in a major EDiot being disgraced she began believing she was invincible and subsequently began fagging up the internet at an alarming rate, up to an including:

  1. Dropping her own n00dz then hoping no one would use them against her.
  2. Blowing ED war hero eppigy, then showing everyone fappable images of the act.
  3. BAWWWWWing to sysops whenever something mean was written about her on the wiki.
  4. Throwing temper tantrums in IRC with her retarded fanclub.
  5. Hanging out with legi0n trying to build up her internet street cred.
  6. IRC sockpuppetry.

Although it's still not exactly clear perfectly clear what prompted her to engage in such faggotry, from outward appearances it looks to be a rather clear cut case of troll shielding, wherein she believed that associating herself with trolls would protect her from being trolled, and allow her to become a super troll. Truthfully, her attempt did succeed for a little while. That is, until her USI exceeded the lengths of which people were willing to whiteknight for her. TL;DR - When the people who bail you out tell you to lay low, or hug the fucking earth, at the very least, take a month off.

(2:02:58)PM <EDS1> also if you keep that part up on your article, im not gonna hesitate to point that out to a sysop

(2:03:02)PM <DrSerbia> we didn't just make it up

(2:03:09)PM <EDS1> pople who keep talking about my drama on ED

(2:03:15)PM <EDS1> are being frowned upon.

(2:03:20)PM <EDS1> so :/ just fyi

(2:03:35)PM <DrSerbia> I'm willing to edit it to be more accurate

(2:03:59)PM <DrSerbia> the fact it's not your ex doesn't really decrease the drama

(2:04:07)PM <EDS1> im willing to edit it and take that section out completely

(2:04:10)PM <EDS1> and get a sysop to lock it

(2:05:02)PM <DrSerbia> so basically you want your name removed?

(2:05:22)PM <EDS1> so basically I think that entire section about me needs to be removed

(2:05:32)PM <EDS1> I dont care if you wanna say, lol EDsingers sang them a song and their pals

(2:05:45)PM <EDS1> but right now? Talking about this doxing drama? Not a wise idea.

The Weeaboo Strikes Back

Learning absolutely nothing from her short stint here on ED, EDS1 has now joined the butthurt ranks of those who are "taking down ED". She is rumored to have aligned herself with legi0n, which is pretty much down to just Ickeriss69 seeing as leig0n banned him.

@[email protected]: im just telling you

@[email protected]: ED is going to be exposed Thayo: Oh gosh @[email protected]: and im just going to sit back and laugh. Thayo: My home @[email protected]: sorry



On August 9, 2010, EDS1 unveiled Phase 1 in her clever plan for global internet domination. Her plan was a simple one, file a harassment lolsuit against Habermann. Then, if he were stupid enough to show up, bring up this page for the court to see. Surely the judge would want to bring ED to justice once he saw that this poor innocent victim had dropped her own nudes, sucked dick for operator status on IRC, and offered to run the ED Facebook so that she could later use this position as an excuse for troll shielding. The plan was perfect. That is, unless Habermann figured out that it's a charge with a $500.00 fine as a penalty, and that the Maryland courts were sure as fuck not going to extradite him from New York since the cost of extradition would well exceed the fine that they could give him. derp It should be noted that the article she talks about in the harassment report (see images) was taken down, so someone was paying attention, even google cache was paying attention.

John posted incriminating photos of me and wrote a harassment article on his website Metokur.org. Along with his article and my photos he also has a link to a page with my adress (sic) as well as my grandfather's, Aunt + Uncle's, And four other neighbor's addresses. John continues to update his "dox" page in hopes of people going after me or to harrass (sic) me. He has given out my aim screen name and I am bugged often. Recently on his site some one under the alias of fendaril said with my dox he wanted to come and stalk/kill me. He refuses to take the website down. John also had his friend (located in england) send (sic) my photos to family, friends, and church members with a story which was untrue and demeaning towards my character. He has been doing this since July 19th and will not stop. I just want my information taken down. He knows me because of my internet alias "EDS1". I used to be a part of their communications team and he was upset that I had Admin-like privileges and he did not.



The Weeaboo Strikes Back (AGAIN)

File:Zaiger trollshielding eds1.png
Zaiger tries to justify his trollshielding to a perplexed EDiot

By 2014, EDS1 (now going by the name Twill) had managed to dick suck her way back into the good graces of Encyclopedia Dramatica's cool kids only club. Likely by sending her nudes to some of the more thirsty members of the community in hopes that she'd be accepted and her veiny tits wouldn't be plastered all over the internet again. One of these people was of course ED's now disgraced former head honcho Zaiger, who immediatly bent over backwards for Twill and let her become his dominatrix. EDS1 used her newfound power over Zaiger to manipulate him into doing her bidding and becoming completely subservient to all of her demands. Among these demands was having Zaiger delete this very article under the pretense that EDS1 had a job interview and the page would only be down temporarily. Satisfied with finally getting her pesky ED article taken down, EDS1 went back to burning coal irl while Zaiger continued to let ED fester. When called out for taking the article down, Zaiger assured that the article would come back online. This of course never came to pass and the article was never restored until Zaiger was dethroned after it came to light that he was stealing donation money to fund his drug abuse.


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