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In order to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, a Habbo raid on 5th of November was quickly organised. The UK Hotel was to be striken, while the obligatory attire was, interestingly, different than the usual nigra. Flocks of EFGs flooded the UK Hotel dressed in the usual attire of the hero of the day, Guy Fawkes, spamming related memes and attempting -mostly failed- SwastiGETs amd VGETs (along with the occasional F(for fail)GET).

Before the raid

Before the raid, nigras in their disguises were called to rest in some of the many private rooms created in order to coordinate the raid. In most of them, SwastiGETs and VGETs were attempted, but were considered fail, due to flocks of inexperienced raiders and the occasional undisguised nigra, who was uninformed of the correct attire and the nature of the raid. Thus, the nigras and wrongly dressed EFGs were told to GTFO the private rooms.

The raid

In exactly 3 PM (EST), the EFGs moved to the public spaces in order to start the raid and close the Parliament due to gunpowder treason.

On the specified time, the loyal EFGs raided the public spaces, spamming related catchphrases and /b/locking the enterances. The most interesting, perhaps, part of the raid were the SwastiGETs, which, while most of them fail, when exexuted correctly, were hueg. Some VGETs were also attempted, alluding to V for Vendetta. However, some argue that the raid in whole was fail, due to lack of communication, despite all efforts to prevent miscoordination.

After about 2 hours, the EFGs were tired and tried to move on to the USA servers, but the Ameriraid was considered unfunny.

Raid Imagery

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