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Efukt banner.jpg

eFukt is what you get when you combine Encyclopedia Dramatica with a porn site. It is a gigantic collection of pics and vids of NSFW content which are placed in a variety of lulzy categories such as: amateur, amputee, Asians, bizarre, bloopers, bums, busted, drunk, educational, exhibitionist, famous, fighting, fisting, gallery, gape, groped, hookers, insertion, loose, lulz, modifications, orgasms, painal, parody, penis, plugs, premature, prolapse, public, retards, strippers, TV, vintage, violent, voyeur, and yukka. After looking at such an impressive list of categories one question immediately pops into the head of any right minded individual; who the fuck wants to look at any of that? While prima facie it does seem to be a bit on the extreme side, when compared to all the furry, adult baby, guro, cp, scat, and plushie porn out there, eFukt really doesn't seem all that bad. Either that, or it is all fucked and anyone who tries to defend it is a sick morally depraved fuck.

eFukt is currently tagging itself as "maker of lulz". PROTIP: eFukt guy reads ED.


eFukt also had forums which maintain a decent sized roster of sick fucks and also cover a wide range of topics. There is a sub-forum which provided technical support, and others which covered topics such as cinema, food, music, and general discussion. There was also the picures and videos sub-forum which has interesting threads dealing with more risque topics such as the bendiness of erections, who could post the vilest pic/vid, horse fellatio, traps (both MTF and FTM), face tumors, retards, violence, and yet more vile pics/vids. In some ways, then, eFukt forums was similar to ED forums (the major exception being that eFukt boasted over 10 times the user base).

On January 25, 2011 the forum was closed and deleted for unknown reasons.

Greatest Hits

In Deaf Girl Wants to Be a Porn star we have a contender for what might be the most degrading video of all time. What looks like a normal porn video has some of the best audio in the history of the genre. Unbeknown to her, her wailing sounds like a retarded bear is fucking a ghost. Where the fuck's the video?
She wanted moar unheard cock, she also screams even more which sounds even more retarded..
Go Fuck Yourself, also known as Loopback the movie, features a man not only sticking his dong in his butt, but also cumming in it.
Chris Chan Sex Tape, the eFukt version includes audio by Timmy.
Busting out some truly amazing rhymes while fucking.
What are a few vaginal warts compared to eating some dyke pussy?
LOL Goatse girl.
This girl thinks its cool for her adopted dad to fap to this.
Nuns teaching girls a lesson.
LOL Bettlejuice.

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Sheneequa scored an interview with Deven, the eFukt admin. Below is the result.

eFukt guy's sister girlfriend
  1. How did you get involved in all this? When?
    Efukt was originally intended to serve as a promotional site for a DVD project I had in the works called FUKT, which was basically like a porn version of Bumfights/CKY. In the beginning, the only videos on there were my own (I.E. A lot of the content went viral and then visitors began submitting their own crazy shit for me to post. The site experienced so much success that I ended up scrapping the DVD project and instead let eFukt evolve into it's own thing. This all took place in early 2006. Official launch date was April 1st.

  2. What's your favorite eFukt video?
    Without a doubt:
    It's from this midwest couple that produces their own cuckold videos. I bought their entire box set of DVD's and paid em an additional $500 for licensing. Took me 10 hours to edit cause I had to go through over 40 hours worth of footage to find all the best scenes - specifically the ones where the dude sounds like he's having a heart attack as he blows his load. I think they were kinda offended at how I made a mockery out of their fetish. Havent heard from em since.
    2nd pick right here:
    That one got me some awesome death threats from Al-Qaeda

  3. What would you say is the most notorious eFukt video?
    Riding Bear Back is what really put eFukt on the map. That video single-handedly doubled eFukt's traffic in less than a week. Also worth mentioning is 1 guy 1 cup and the Deaf Pornstar clips - which have since been removed after a relative informed us that the girl is legally retarded and thus didn't have the mental capacity to consent. Hawt.

  4. Is it just you finding all of these? Where do you get them?
    Almost entirely submissions. I get around 10 a day.

  5. Do you fap to any of your videos? If so, what kinds?
    I'm pretty sure eFukt gave me erectile dysfunction. I cant even remember the last time I got hard from watching porn.

  6. Is that really your penis on the about page? Would you mind taking another?
    Eh. It's a fake pic. I'm about a 5th his size but I do have a better haircut.

  7. Do many people know about eFukt in your every day life? Do they know about your relationship to it?
    My family knows. Aside from that I try to keep quiet about it. If anyone asks, I just tell em I run haha.

  8. What other websites do you frequent?,,,,

  9. Have you ever had drama from someone in one of your videos?
    Every fuckin day. The best is when people find their mom on eFukt :P

  10. Do you live with anyone?
    My sister, who's also happens to be my girlfriend. It's okay, she's adopted. Straight outta North Korea. She does the minion work for Feel free to beat off:

  11. Has eFukt helped you get laid?
    With girls under 300 pounds? no, not yet but I remain hopeful.

  12. Has anyone offered to buy your site?
    Got a few bullshit offers here and there. Nothing serious. I'll never sell it. I rather shut it down than put it in the wrong hands.

  13. Has eFukt helped you in any other way?
    Fame and fortune. Efukt morphed me into a baller.

  14. Do you read ED? If so what's your favorite article?
    I've stumbled upon it on a number of occasions but the only page I really remember is the one you setup for eFukt. Thanks for that, much appreciated!


On 12 June 2010 the main page is now being reported as an attack site by The Google Upon ignoring the warning of potential buttfucking, the main page has been dismembered into a bare bones HTML state.

Kyo banned again? (The Horror)

You have been banned for the following reason: You were told not to beg, you asked to banned if you came back before the 9/9/11. 2+2= Banned

Date the ban will be lifted: 12-02-2011, 05:00 PM

me asking for the monies is not begging, like who would give this rat money? seriously. it was a giveaway a contest which I could not enter, so I ask, not beg. this is me begging. please I need monies so I can buy gold for World of Tanks Riot Points for League of Legends and Battlefunds for Battlefield Heroes.

please I will work for monies, what you need I give email me at [email protected] you can also send me monies to paypal to that email.

but yes Kyo has dieded by Optimus Primus a ginger faggot with sand in his mangina. You can go to to see his fail movie blog that no one goes to. I prefer cause they got funny black men and a robot.

I have been told from elites they don't like this ginger bitch anymore cause power corrupts he likes to read peopls emails and see who is posting reps so he can lolz at you. my informant is a close friend of his and I got the details.

Efukt forum is dieing it's being taken over by the NWO. peace


File:Efukt of Kyo1.jpg


SO HAWT About missing Pics

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