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Epic (or 'Extreme 2.0') is a word used to refer to something particularly incredible. For example, a standard, non-epic win would be posting a single lulzworthy thread on any forum, or creating a particularly lulzworthy picture. Alternatively, a standard fail usually consists of a very basic failure, i.e. trying to be funny and sucking. An epic fail usually results in (preferably) an IRL permaban. Or at least, that's what it used to mean.

Now it's a meaningless adjective which /b/ staples into every single thing, be it truly epic or not. "Epic" is /b/'s 3rd most overused word of all time.

Overuse of the term in an online context (sadly) originates from World of Warcraft, where in the earliest version of that game, an "epic" item (weapon or piece of armor) was the highest level item that was commonly available. Very win.

Sadly, the term is often abused by nerd faggots who use it far too often; thus robbing it of its potency.

Like a lot of things, it may be difficult to grasp the scope of things that can or cannot be labeled epic without first exploring some examples. If you still don't get it, see below.

Epic Win vs. Normal Win

Yes this is EPIC. Lulz eye fetish.

Win: Shoot an old man in the face and get away with it.
Epic Win: Get him to apologize to you.

Win: Become President of the United States.
Epic Win: Become President of America while getting fewer votes than your opponent.
(This is actually an epic fail on the part of the American people, but a good example of epic win for Dubya.)

Win: Create a Dos attack on a goofy fake religion.
Epic Win: Start an international, Warren Ellis-approved, IRL movement to liberate millions of tards from a goofy fake religion.

Win: Vag tap a girl at a party for being a dumb bitch.
Epic Win: Have girl kiss and apologize to you for having done it.

Win: Give a feminazi what she deserves.
Epic Win: Make her admit it was her fault.

Win: Getting away with playing games at school, when the teacher is looking.
Epic Win: Having teacher joining in on the game.
Epic Fail: If the teacher wins.

Mathematical Definition of Epic

It is trivial to spot Epic things in category theory. If q : B → Q is a coequalizer of some pair of arrows, then q is Epic, where a coequalizer is just the dual of an equalizer.

If we have a Category A with all the people who can die horribly and a category B in which the situation spirals out of control. And a category Q where the fucktard is found in a empty hotelroom with a dildo in his arse. And a category Z with all the outcomes that leads to its final demise. We can draw the following diagram:

  f,g   q
A -> B -> Q
     |z   |u
     \--> Z

Then the action (arrow) q is truly Epic, if and only if there exists a unique arrow u, such that uq = z. In normal terms, if there is no action u, which leads the subject from the dildo part to its own demise, it is not Epic.

Epi as prefix

  • EPICentrum,

** For further informatics, see: Click to rebuild Haiti

  • epidermatologic tested,

**you friendly business shampoo said so, it used the project on his nephew And it did't melt nor did it scream a lot.

  • Epidemy,

**One of the most Epic things evar. .

Things That Are/Were "Epic"

Longcat battleship orbiting gas giant: Yes.
EPIC pwnage.

Things That Are Not Epic


Epic Art

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