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The first pic.

Easter-Chan is a young woman employed at Sears, who was made to work on Easter of this year. Unable to sleep, she decided to post on /b/, telling 4chan of her 'bad decision'. Over the next 90 minutes, she went on to tell /b/ of her plight, and before the 2 hour mark, she had posted at least 5 nudity-related pics, of less than desirable quality due to them being taken on her...'camera-phone'. Eventually, she decided to pull out a brush and 'take requests' from anyone with a good one. Except Brian. A boy named Brian bothered her to take a picture of 'I LOVE BRIAN' written somewhere on her body for showing off to his friends, supposedly. When instructed to cease and desist, Brian did not do so which inevitably angered the community of Anon assembled in Easter-Chan's board. After several failed attempts to rid the board of him, Anon decided that it would be best to destroy every Brian they came into contact with in prayer that the one they eviscerated would be the very same from /B/. Easter-chan is officially under our protection.

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