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Eastern Europe is the land between Western Europe and Russia that Russia considers part of itself, but some local hicks and potato farmers do not want to agree to bend over for the bear and have developed some separatist states in that area.

In a surprising reversal of what usually happens, the local Superpower has started taking over Eastern Europe, mostly because Russia has still not figured out what to cosplay into after it got bored with the Soviet Union costume. Meanwhile, the local hicks and whatsnot are divided on whether they want to be part of the Superpower or run back to daddy Russia. Some even suggest they can be independent, proving how moronic hicks can be.

Eastern Europe should not be confused with Central Europe (civilization), Western Europe (real civilization) or Russia (Putinization). Only morons would confuse it with Northern Europe (polarbearization) and Southern Europe (as shitty as Eastern Europe but at least its warm). Morons who want to sound smart talk about places like Southeast Europe. Who the hell cares?

Shit from Eastern Europe:

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