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You have an eating disorder no matter what size you are.

Eating disorder is a name for three disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS). Think of the picture of a very thin woman you saw when you were nine years old. This is Anorexia Nervosa. It is characterized by the patients unwillingness to eat and obsessiveness with training and eating low calorie food. Bulimics may have normal weight or even be fat, but still have an unhealthy relationship with food. They have periods where they binge eat tons of high calorie food and then try to excrete it quickly, most often by puking. A person can both be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bulimia at the same time. Those suffering from Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS), has some sort of abnormal relationship to their eating. However, their symptoms does not match the criteria of neither Anorexia Nervosa nor Bulimia.

Anorexia Nervosa

Another successfully treated patient.

Your mom says OMG LULZ BARBQ DON'T 'SHOP THE MAGAZINES SO GIRLS GET THIN!. This is because she only reads one type of books. However, there is no conclusive evidence that magazines, or even a thinness ideal, causes eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa was first diagnosed at least 100 years ago, long before any Cosmopolitan-like magazines existed.

No case of anorexia or bulimia is entirely the same as the other. But that does not mean there is no common pattern. No one would ever say that migraine does not exist because because migraine sufferers syndrome's differ.

Anorexia Nervosa often begins with the patient being in a stressful situation wherein she is trying to perform very well in a lot of things. A typical soon to be anorectic is a young woman who is overly ambitious in school or in extracurricularly activities such as sports. She may spend very much time studying or training. Almost all of it is dedicated to these goals. During some part of this stage she often becomes a vegetarian. The reason for this she gives is that she is an environmentalist and that she cares about the welfare of the animals. In truth she wants to feel better about her bodily image. She will try to make you feel guilty about the fact that you are eating meat. The strategy of anorectics all along is to try to put the blame on someone else by making them feel guilty in whatever way possible. In a certain amount of time, maybe a couple of years, her self-imposed eating restrictions escalates. She starts purchasing light products and begins a radical slim diet. Maybe she becomes a vegan. She quickly greatly loses weight in a period that lasts a handful of months. It is usually then she becomes so thin that a family member notices. By that time, she already is suffering from Anorexia Nervosa.

One question you can ask yourself is: Why does anorectics put themselves in these situations? Sure, some are driven by outward pressure such as Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden who had an eating disorders in her teens, but is now fully recovered (alltough a person truly never becomes recovered from an eating disorder because it may return). But most anorectics has, at least in some sense of the word, voluntarily put themselves in a highly stressful situation. Besides the thinness ideal theory mentioned earlier, there are other explanations why that is.

  • Before the outbreak 16 year old girls, and other young women, may have been severely overruled by their parents. Not your parents. They made you take piano lessons or play baseball or do whatever each week. This happened for the sole reason that they wanted to live their failed life through you. But there are even more demanding parents, who insist on that their children shall become master musicians when they are kids.
  • Parents can also indirectly make their daughter an anorectic. Children in general take after their parents. Especially the parent they share gender with. So if the mother is a overambitious workaholic, her daughter will be too.
  • According to Wikipedia one fourth of all anorectics has asperger's syndrome. (SERIOUSLY) So it might have been genetics all along.


Of course eating the vomit afterward undermines the purpose of bulimia. However bulimics are fatties and will eat anything anyway.

Bulimia may develop during or after the onset of Anorexia Nervosa. Persons with Anorexia Nervosa does not necessarily develop Bulimia. It can take years before a full fledged bulimic disorder is discovered. This is because bulimics hide their symptoms from their loved ones. They may binge eat in public transport when no one they knows notices, and puke in public toilets. Bulimia is often developed in adolescence. If you discover a bulimic, scream "Puberty puker! ". If she is an oldfag, scream "Pubertal puker!" instead.


Moar info: Fatty.

Overeating is the most disgusting eating disorder, visually speaking. See fat for more info.


Police.gif This information is important so pay attention!

So you suspect someone is suffering from Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia. But now what, what the fuck do you do? Go to the doctor off course. He probably is an assclown, who can't diagnose shit. Therefore visit a specialized psychiatrist instead, who can diagnose like a boss. If the patient is too thin she may be admitted to a hospital clinic were someone forces her to eat. Don't suspect the government will have an eating plan for her when she gets out though. The government and your insurance company will probably not to be your allies in this plight.

Obstacles to overcome

  • Don't blame yourself. Even if it is your fault that your daughter developed an eating disorder, blaming yourself will not make anything better. It will only play into her strategy to make you feel guilty.
  • Read a book What you probably want to get is a step by step guide to on how to overcome anorexia. Typically they are about overcoming the fear of eating by gradual exposure. Books are way better than humans because they are not afflicted by unwarranted self importance (though some authors are), are not jew gold-diggers and know when to STFU.
  • Demand help from your government and insurance company. They may initially be reluctant to assist you. But there usually is some not well known law that is made specifically to help you in a situation like this. If it is about your insurance companies decision, overrule it! Libtards from California believe that in Europe the government sweeps in and gives aid to the poor and downtrodden. This is not true. It is only those who have the right contacts or know the government lingo that get to participate in most government programs. Therefore, become one of them, or at least bluff that you are. Threaten with the laws that are made for you. Remember that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!
  • Get professionals. A person with an eating disorder needs professional help. The sooner she gets it, the better is the prognosis. There are different types of treatments. Some may work well for one patient, but poorly for another. There are many shitty, although specialized, practitioners out there. How do you spot them? Ask about the overarching plan for your daughter: "What did you base your decision on?" "How many patients have been treated this way?" "What were the results?" "Is this standard procedure for professionals in your area? "Is there published data supporting this procedure?" Even if you don't know anything about the treatment, asking may help you spot a witch doctor. The only way to make sure that the patient gets a good treatment is that you yourself is knowledgeable about it. For example, you must read literature about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy if you want to grasp that subject.
  • Set up an united front. Once a course of action is decided on, it must appear as if parents, professionals and possible others involved in the treatment are an united team. Otherwise, the treatment will not work. Criticism and other disagreements should be dealt with away from the patient's eyes and ears.

Atkins Diet

Leader of the Zombie Armada, Lich and dead guy, Atkins.

A system of eating only small Atkinses, invented to turn all the world's fatties into Atkins-zombies. The Atkins company recently went bankrupt, to the dismay of jealous, fat fucktards everywhere.

Atkins Zombie

A less useful type of zombie that is only as common as it is because the basic resource needed to make them, fat people, is so abundant. Long-term Atkins-zombies eventually lose the use of their natural teleportation powers and are forced to rely on their offensive odor to defend themselves from predators. You can see Atkins dieters on LiveJournal, but don't get too close because you too are a source of lo-carbs.

Brain Eating

Q: Hi! I've been on the Atkins diet for three months, now. I've bought several books and read them all, but I'm still not sure about one point. Can I still eat brains?
A: Yes you can! That's what makes the Atkins diet so much better than all the others. You can eat all the brains you want! Masturbation is also good and is negative calories

Eating Disorders As A Drama-Generating Technique

Here are some suggestions for generating drama through eating disorders, with examples where applicable:

  • Announce you have an eating disorder while you have another disorder. Gurlfriend was excellent at this, as she was anorexic and pregnant.

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