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Loopy's old devianTART ID. Good luck reading it.
Numerous people have debated whether or not Ebon is the long lost twin of Hagrid from the Harry Potter franchise.

Ebon Lupus was once the main diva of the pro-Beastiality crowd but no one seems to talk about him anymore. Well the internets do not forget and anonymous does not forgive, all info on Ebon Lupus must be compiled on this very page. Go forth and Do it for the lulz.

The Legend of Ebon Lupus


Ebon Lupus may be best known for actually managing to get banned from Sheezyart when it originally allowed furry porn. The reason? He uploaded a poem or two about how wonderful it is to fuck dogs. He was also banned from devianTART, most likely for the same reason, but his journal is still visible and contains much lulz. Ebon Lupus (also known as "Loopy") was also made infamous by his own behavior, which included freely admitting to fantasies of being eaten alive by wolves and his opinion that anyone who was repulsed by his glorification of screwinghis pet dogs was a bigoted prude. Loopy was (and probably is) known to purposefully shove his habits into people's faces just to get a negative reaction that he then can act uppity and self-righteous about. His numerous revolting explicit websites have been featured as exhibits on Portal of Evil, causing even the most hardened members to contemplate self-pwning. Thanks to this and his continued defense of dog-raping, Ebon has become one of the most hated exhibits.

"I AM a Wolf Goddamnit!!1!"

What makes Ebon Lupus so very,very special is that he's not a furry as he's unabashedly into full-on animals (which most furries are but will deny), but he sure acts like one. He'd be more accurately described as an otherkin but he'd probably resent that term as well. I am not pretending to be a wolf, I AM A FUCKING WOLF!!!

Problems with DA

To DeviantFART fuckwits.

You people need to get an occupation more suited to your skills... such as can this DeviantFART crap and start bombing third world countries and stealing their red cross packages. Do whatever the fuck you want to do. How's that? Stroke it right here and now in my face ya fuck! This site means nothing to me... it's a lie, a con, and a complete and utter waste of time.

I tried to resolve this issue with one of your help desk flunkies and received the same bull shit rude arrogant reply I ALWAYS get to no matter what issue I try to address. Of course you just USE these people free of charge so I can see how they have probably developed bad attitudes... they're no more respected or have any more respect for each other than anyone else here.

This site could have been and was a wonderful idea... but like EVERY online community it goes to shit when little people let their arrogance and conceit rule their Twinkie little minds.


—Ebon Lupus

DeviantFART. That's very clever, Loopy.

The Artwork

take THAT you ignorant hyoomans!

Ebon Lupus' artwork seems to come in one of two flavors: bleeding heart support of wolf conservation and poorly done digital paintings of realistic wolves somehow giving each other blowjobs. Happily, you have to be part of a special group where he hosts his "erotic art" now to see the latter, so you'll likely never have to expose your mind to it (Scratch that, he put some of his pr0n up with his emo poems, so your mind has now been exposed to it). Despite that, the guy still draws some pretty creepy shit. He used to keep it all on a site called Tailhole.org with an accompanying graphic of a wolf exposing its asshole, but now that address redirects on to "Furvert.org" (im not a furry gais i swears). Although Ebon Lupus' horrible erotic wolf paintings that were once visible to all on deviantART and possibly SheezyArt (its the kind of thing that gets burned into one's mind, amirite?) before he was unjustly persecuted for his dog-fucking life-style are hidden to people who aren't part of aforementioned super special group there are plenty of other like-minded degenerates and Loopy groupies who post disturbing wolf porn. The original contents of Tailhole.org seem to now be spread around various equally badly designed websites owned by Loopy. However the WayBack Machine seems to have done a miraculous job of preserving the site in all its glory.

Loving Your Beast

For better or for worse infamous anti-furry website Crush Yiff Destroy has preserved a guide written by Ebon Lupus on the proper methods for fucking dogs. Loopy may host this guide elsewhere, but at least on Crush Yiff Destroy there is some amusing commentary to soften the blow once your mind processes how batshit insane it is. A link to Loopy's disgusting essay, without the benefit of mocking commentary, can be found here. Here are some lovely excerpts:

"Zoophilia is the life-style of one who has had a loving, most likely sexual fondness for non-human animals for a greater part of their life. Those who engage in sexual intercourse with non-human animals practice bestiality. One can practice bestiality without loving the animal one is having sex with, but those who do this are not zoophiles, they are merely practitioners of bestiality. Please understand that I do not mean to use the word bestiality in any derogatory way as its practice can be quite enjoyable and is not in and of itself abusive. Practicing bestiality without love for the animal involved may be acceptable or unacceptable behavior, depending upon ones approach to the relationship and ones responsibility to animal in question. I realize that it is possible to have loveless sex without causing harm to your partner, but to be honest, I have a personal bias against those who would use another merely to gratify themselves."

"For a male tied anally premature separation is extremely painful and can cause torn and bleeding tissues. If this happens clean the wound thoroughly. You should heal okay, but if you get abdominal cramps, experience a fever, or an infection develops then seek medical attention immediately! Tell the hospital that you got carried away with a dildo and hurt yourself if you need an excuse."

Oh Loopy, you are truly a pioneer of bestiality.


Deer and Wolves lived happily together for thousands of years until HYOOMANS came along with their superiority and their autogyros and automated adding machines, dagnabbit
misguided protesters use Loopy's propaganda. If only they knew he only wants to save wolves so there will be plenty left for him to fuck. Image from Something Awful's Weekend Web

It's clear in Loopy's anti-human rantings that he is big on nature conservation and animal rights. Of course this seems to only apply to wolves in particular. He probably has some fantasy about saving wolves from some evil hyooman hunters and the wolf being so grateful it'd let him fuck it without ripping his face off for trying. Any info on Loopy's activism is very needed here, for now here are some quotes from his old devianTART journal:

Any info on Loopy's activism and dram a concerning it is very needed here, for now here are some quotes from his old devianTART journal:

"Seems to me like this wasn't a problem for deer and Wolves until humans came along and fucked everything up with their all-knowing superiority and selfishness. Deer and Wolves lived happily together for thousands upon thousands of years without a hitch. The only detrimental change was human."

"It looks like Canada is headed down the same dark path the United States has walked by killing off their beautiful Wolves in the name of blood sport and fur trade. People call themselves civilized and compassionate while performing these barbaric deeds against the animal nations that share our earth with us."

Something tells us here at ED he'd be too weird even for PETA.

Beautiful Poetry

Surely Loopy thinks this is natural wolf behavior
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Well, whaddya know

Here for your approval is some of the great Ebon Lupus' poems past and present. Some have been dug up from the recesses of the internets:


People/ People everywhere/ People dropping from the world/ Like maggots from my corned beef sandwich

Wolf Inside

There's a Wolf inside/ He's pacing in the dark/ He's beautiful.../ So very beautiful

I want to hug him.../ And drag my fingers through his rich dark fur/ I want to kiss his lips.../ And taste his sharp, beautiful fangs/ I want to gaze into his eyes.../ And know my own soul.

There's a Wolf in me/ He's howling in the night/ He's sad.../ So very sad


Let him take me

I long to be consumed by the Wolf/ I want to enter his beautiful body/ Feel his claws and fangs against this flesh/ The pulse of his passion... deep and hot/ Caress his rich dark pelt with my heart/ Taste his lips and tongue/ My blood and soul are for him/ My mind is already his

Let him take me

I long that he should find bliss in me/ I want him to devour this useless shell/ So that I may find redemption/ There is a grander purpose than life/ Dying to feed another... ultimate love/ I long to nourish the Wolf/ I am his sacrifice/ I am his prey

Let him take me

Even Sick Fucks Have Opinions

As you may have realized by now: Loopy is one indignant and opinionated sick fuck with delusions of sophistication. He tries to use big words and pretty language when he gets mad about people mocking him or fucking dogs in a manner he feels is incorrect, but the shit he says is obviously insane. He's like the Hannibal Lecter of bestiality, only not as intelligent.

Below are several of his TL;DR rants and essays. These have been prepared for internets consumption by the clever placing of images throughout. However, those images will probably make you want to hit your head against the wall until your skull cracks and your brain comes sliding out.

Ebon Lupus on Censorship


"People say it's important to be yourself. They say you should be happy with whom you are and have self-respect. They tell you to be honest and express yourself and that to stand up for your beliefs is a virtue.

But how can I do this when elements key to who I am are being censored? My art has been deleted like Tom Sawyer...because some people didn't want others to read it they decided that it was "obscene." Hitler felt the same way so he burned the books... and shortly after that he burned people too.

A lot of people take this lightly. I don't think these crimes against our freedom of expression and individuality should be taken lightly. They are bigotry... they are oppression... they are the guardians of morality out to protect their own morality at the cost of our individuality. They are controlling us... trying to shape us in their image... trying to be God.

It starts with a "policy violation" in a place we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of our creativity and our art. Art harms no one. Art does not rape or murder anyone... it draws no blood.

Why is it wrong for anyone, even a child, to see the naked bodies of his or her own kind? What is there to be ashamed of? Nature made us what we are... made every animal what they are! What are we trying to hide from each other? Should I be ashamed of looking at myself naked in a mirror? Should I swat my dog for lifting his tail or showing a little pink between his thighs? Who are we trying to protect? What is so bad about sex? Is it just because Moses said it's a sin? Is this why people are afraid of sex? Why is there so much contempt for those who enjoy looking at sexual imagery or the bodies of other beings?"

Ebon Lupus on Bestiality

Warning: TL;DR but full of lulz


"Bestiality is the practice of sexual intercourse between a human and a non-human being. Some people who enjoy acts of, or thoughts of, bestiality call themselves zoophiles and their sexuality is often referred to as zoophilia. The word, however, is NOT the thing. A zoophile IS NOT a good or bad being just because of the descriptive verb; good or bad depends upon the individual, not the word one uses to describe oneself.

This topic can be very emotional and confusing, and well it should be, for there is great potential here for ulterior motive and abuse. On the other paw, bestiality is as old as the human species; it's been a part of human nature since well before recorded history, and the earliest cave paintings detail human beings copulating with non-humans.

As sex became an issue for control, as well as other animalistic drives, bestiality was included, along with homosexuality and witchcraft, in the list of taboos to be regarded as depraved and evil. My wolf does not believe that bestiality is, in and of itself, evil, and that this act, if entered into honorably, can create very strong and intimate bonds between human and non-human beings.

I do not see a borderline between myself and an animal being, for I am an animal being. All animals share the same fundamental biology. All animals fear, anger, love, seek pleasure, and respond to a great variety of mental and physical stimuli in much the same way. All animals think and have the ability to reason and accept, disregard, or avoid situations; unless they are being forced. All sentient beings love and often seek close relationships with other creatures. Typically, it is humans who divide and categorize everything; break everything down into mental paradigms and apply ideas of proper and improper to them. Non-human beings tend to live in reality and decide at the time if something happening is proper or not and then react accordingly.

The unfortunate side of the coin is that there are always evil people who will use others for their own gratification; there are those who take pleasure in abuse and in holding power over other beings. I find creatures such as these contemptible and lowly. Their souls are primitive and they have a great many hard lessons to struggle through in their spiritual evolution.

I am intolerant of those who abuse others. It's so easy to be cruel. I will not condone nor support abuse in any form. I will report abusers to the authorities and I suggest that others do the same. I am an activist for animals and I seek legislation that makes animal abuse a serious crime that carries hard penalties, equal to like crimes committed against human beings.

I do not, however, believe moral issues should be made a matter of law when they do not actually involve harm against others. Bestiality should not be illegal. Intimate sexual contact between creatures can be a beautiful and inspiring thing. If sex becomes abusive then laws against abuse should already serve to penalize such activities. We do not need to tell beings what they can or cannot do into their private lives, unless they are causing tangible harm to others.

It has been this wolfs experience that human and non-human beings can enjoy sex together. Either one likes to be intimate and physical with another or not. It's not difficult to know when someone is disinterested or turned off by another's sexual advance. To proceed with a sexual act against another's will is immoral; it's ill virtue; it's disrespectful; it's damaging to the soul; it's rape; and it's evil. When both beings are enjoying the gentle touch, though, sex is a deep and beautifully intimate experience.

I advocate close, even sexual, relationships between human and non-human animals, so long as they are honest, mutually enjoyed acts of love."

Ebon Lupus on deviantART

Warning: TL;DR but full of lulz

"I have returned from exile. For how long I cannot say. I'm not permitted to be myself in this place, wherever this place is... and for me it's a difficult thing. I like being who I am and saying what I feel and drawing what delights me. It's unlikely that I will ever stop doing these things regardless of what hypocritical control freaks deem "acceptable." Like water, I'll find my level. It may not be here, for dictators and shallow mentalities abound and I doubt I can live under their tyrannical thumbs for long.

The "rulers" of DeviantArt expect a facade; a mask of social acceptability in an unacceptable society of insecure freaked out dogma-afflicted primates all bent on nipping each other and issuing commandments. There are more than ten of them now, but I've lost count, we're into the hundreds of thousands, I think... and they add more everyday. We pay petty old men to add to the oppression and take away freedom... they're all lawyers working to subvert us and serve themselves. No wonder they can charge $200 and hour.

We are certainly free... to do as they tell us.

How most dogs react when Loopy approaches

Why was I banished... why was freedom to speak denied? Why was your freedom to question the tyrants indictment against me suppressed? Simple... because human beings will never change... they shall ever be petty, vain, and too immature to permit others the right to live and express themselves openly, honestly, and as individuals. They will always live in fear of those who think differently than they, because thinking, speaking, being different, and getting away with it, takes away their power over us... their power to feel better than we - and they're so insecure in themselves they need this or they would cry.

I wonder what Voltaire would say of DeviantArt.

"What then must we do?" woofed Ebonlupus. "Hold your tongue," Answered DeviantArt. "I was in hopes," woofed Ebonlupus, "that I should reason with you a little about causes and effects, about the best of all possible worlds, the origin of evil, the nature of the soul, and the pre-establishment of harmony." At these words, DeviantArt shut the door in his face.

The Facts

Okay... I was banned because I woofed this to a human being: "It is my sincere hope that you are gut-shot and die a slow agonizing death as those who love you stand around helpless to do anything about it. I don't like you at all. *growls*"

I said this rather shocking thing because *Misaniovent wrote: "You've put emphasis on the mother's cubs, but I have to say that if you kill the mother, the population is just reduced even more:" Which I took to mean that killing a mother Wolf and allowing her cubs to look on in pain and loss, and then starve to death slowly in the cruel world was an acceptable method of Wolf "population control" in *Misaniovent's limited mind. I took exception to this and let it piss me off to be true, but my answer was designed for its shock value, in hopes of making an example this fuckwit might understand.

The DeviantArt thugs called this "Severely threatening comments." But what can you expect from a guy who has some dude wanking a tie as his avatar? The reason I wrote this comment went so far over +idiot's head, even after explaining it, he's still clueless. Well, he's of the "fuck you, what's in it for me?" generation, so again, what can you expect?

A threat would have began with "I am going to..." or "I plan on..." or "If you don't shut the fuck up I'm gonna..." Thus I assert that I made no threat and that +yachtclub (really a "-") publicly libeled me. For those who have been out of the loop, libel is slander in written form... slander is false statements injurious to a person's reputation, IE; see commandment number nine regarding bearing false witness. Also, note that $jark (the $ cracks me up), the "president" Bush of DeviantArt, supported this and deigned me full access to the lifetime prints account, I paid for, for 7 full days. I've reported DeviantArt to The Council of Better Business Bureaus for this... failure to provide agreed upon services.

DeviantArt staff's decisions in these matters are final and there is no justice here; there is Just Ice. Appealing to them is useless, because they have achieved an arrogance of such profound proportion that logic, reason, facts, and truth lack the strength to penetrate the egomaniacal armor of their minds. They're afraid they would loose face and the humiliation would be overwhelming if they ever admitted to making an error... typical humans... so expect no fair resolution at the "help desk."

Hypocrisy...When I say "hypocrisy" what I mean is that DeviantArt has among the vaguest "terms of use" policies ever written, and if you misconstrue it you are subject to the whims of people like +idiot. However, the people who suck up to people like +idiot can get away with whatever they like because DeviantArt has among the vaguest "terms of use" policies ever written.

Let's take $jark as a prime example...

$jark has some yellow dude performing anal sex on someone's butt with a green dildo as his avatar. This is a blatant sexual act... an anal sex fetish... and $jark, the president Bush of DeviantArt, uses this to set an example for all of us that "SExual imagery is not allowed."

*blatant sarcasm* I'm so glad the owner of DeviantArt, himself, has so well clarified his stand on "SExual imagery is not allowed" that we all may better understand one of the vaguest "terms of use" policies ever written. */blatant sarcasm*

This is what I was told by ~devart (an account used by staff too ashamed to be seen working here) when an image of two Wolfdogs mating was removed because "SExual imagery is not allowed."

Ebon Lupus on the Porn Industry and "Posers"

ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

Somebody should do something about it.


Warning: TL;DR but full of lulz. From the former Tailhole.org. Most ridiculous bullshit has been put in bold by this contributor.


"There is a great deal of confusion about what zoophilia is. There's a proper definition, which I would LIKE to use, and there's popular definition... that exists thanks to the porn industry. The later definition is what most people unfamiliar with the orientation are likely to assume, especially if they try to research it on the internet... again, thanks to the porn industry.

The technical definition of zo o phil i a (and zo oph i lism) is 1) affection or affinity for animals, and 2) erotic attraction to or sexual contact with animals. To me zoophilia means to love non-human beings and find them sexually attractive. I suspect this is how most people who consider themselves zoophilic like to think of it. However, the definition leaves a lot of wiggle room, for one can apply either or both parts of the definition.

The porn industry, through their greed, has pushed the "sexual contact with animals" aspect of the word and left love in the dust. For this reason I think insult when someone calls me a zoophile. I love lupines first and foremost. Sexual attraction to them is also a part of me. But it's not all there is to me. I'm not out to fuck every dog I encounter... this IS NOT what I am! To insinuate this is liken to being called a sexual predator... this IS NOT what I am. Just because a man loves women doesn't mean he's out to rape them.

Without people who think of themselves as zoophiles, animal rescues would be hard pressed to find volunteers. Many additional dogs, cats, horses, and other animal beings would suffer for lack of kindness and love. Most of these people DO NOT molest animals... some might... but the people who involve themselves in animal rescues are not merely interested in sex. Most of these people have very deep feelings for their wards. They take responsibility for them, they feed and shelter them, clean up after them, nurse their wounds, and show them the love that "normal" human beings failed to provide. If these people were sexual predators looking for a fuck there are a lot easier, and less ethical, ways to obtain it.

Those who denounce zoophiles denounce some truly great human beings who fight to defend animals from the indifference of those who would neglect, abuse, torment, and kill them without giving a second though. Having deep heartfelt passionate feelings for an animal makes one think of them as an average person thinks of other people... unique, precious, and irreplaceable. Thus, the conviction to preserve the lives of animal beings is extremely important to them... and when one fails the heart is sorely torn.

I have been meeting and woofing with those who consider themselves zoophiles for almost 6 years now. I have met hundreds of good people who love animals and fight to defend them. Many of these people work for popular animal shelters and sanctuaries under the very noses of those who make condemnation of zoophiles well known. In many cases if these hate-mongers understood who they were condemning they would be not only amazed but ashamed as well. They will doubtless never know though, because of the bigotry against people with sexual feelings for animal beings the mass majority of these people lurk in shadows, very careful of whom they reveal what to. Those of us who rise, are harassed by hate groups like as ASAIRS, and are condemned for our desire to express a different view are in an extreme minority; and we are fools, no doubt about it.

Now, there's always a negative side. There are a lot of people who call themselves zoophile, but I call them posers. These people are not interested in loving animals; they are not interested in caring for them or taking any responsibility. These miscreants want to either fuck the animal or the animal's owner and that'll be the limit of their involvement.


Many of these "zoo posers" appear as gay men who do not have an animal companion themselves. They complain that they cannot achieve a living situation whereby they can afford to keep an animal. They often frequent zoophile forums while placing personal ads seeking a "first time experience." What they want is to fuck someone else's companion. Having to love, feed, and care for an animal being is too much work; having to worry when the animal becomes sick or having to cry as the animal passes away isn't part of their orgasmic equation.

There are way too many of these worthless freaks and I think a reason they proliferate so well is the bestiality porn industry... which turns them on to a new kink and inspires them to the idea of having sex with non-humans... or using an animal as an excuse to get in the pants of someone they consider desperate for sex.

So what is bestiality? A lot of people spell it "beastiality," but the correct spelling is bestiality. Bestiality is sexual intercourse with non-human beings. It is considered sodomy in many places. It's usually taboo and not well though of by a majority of the dogma-afflicted.

I think bestiality is fine for those who practice it in loving relationships. I think interspecies sexual union is an intimate and beautiful thing. It is my understanding that human and non-human animal beings have mated together for thousands of years. There's pictures of it on cave walls it was so highly though of... there's paintings and pottery dedicated to bestiality. It is my understanding that both human and non-human animals are very capable of consenting to sexual union and it' is very possible for them to mutually enjoy the sensation of flesh against fur.

I think that people who harass those who practice bestiality are bigots and hate-mongers. Sure, bestiality can be abused... everything can be abused... but this does not make bestiality an abusive practice.

It's absurd that a man can sexually molest a mare to collect hormones for human hormonal dysfunctions, he can artificially inseminate a cow, collect semen from horses and bulls, or force stallions to rape mares and sires to rape dames... but if a human has a loving sexual relationship with their dog it's wicked, sinful, and abusive. What this is telling us is that the bible-thumpers have decided sexually mutilating or abusing an animal for money is fine... but the gentle touch of a lover is evil.

Fuck that! It is mental illness. It is simple bigotry born of the dark ages. It is people trying to control every aspect of each other's lives. It is elitist bastards hating people and thinking they are better and holier than the rest. It is the true meaning of evil."

Ebon Lupus and Something Awful

Loopy is the sole judge of whether someone is REALLY a wolf or just a stupid masquerading HYOOMAN

At least 100 years ago, Loopy was discovered by ED's sister tribe, the Something Awful Goons, and much lulz ensued indeed. SA's "Weekend Web" feature came across a forum called "The Packlands" (which is now closed off to all evil hyooman outsiders and the link displays yet another mind-raping Loopy image) where Ebon Lupus was "top dog" so to speak (ha ha ha... no.) Much mocking was made of him and his talk of "posers", and the other otherkin fucks on the boards, and even though the forum now blocked the SA article preserves the lulziest parts for future internets generations.

That wasn't the end of it, though. Loopy has a habit of signing up to forums where any negative talk about him is taking place so he can go on one of his stirring, long-winded speeches about how everyone in the world is a bigot and just won't leave him alone to fuck his dogs (this despite the fact he makes his dog-fucking very very VERY public.) However, it's doubtful he shelled out the 20 bucks for the SA forums (if he did please screencap and contribute for the lulz). He did however get all up on the forum of Weebls-Stuff.com, a site that provides looping flash cartoons that make your friends say "I swear to fucking God, Bill, if you email me that fucking Kenya thing one more fucking time...", when said forum discovered the SA Article and laughed about it.

Loopy had THIS to say to his evil HYOOMAN oppressors at Weebl's Stuff:

Just a bit of sarcasm to lighten my mood: I would like to thank you all for being such kind human 
beings and ruining my web forum. Due to the constant flooding, I was unable to keep up with blocking 
individual bigots and hate mongers and was forced to shut down the entire forum to the outside world.

You might think it's been fun to harass and abuse those you do not understand, but human history is 
ripe with such things. It has led to violence and the destruction of a great many beautiful things. 
I hope you are all very proud of yourselves. You wonder why my pack mates and I dislike the human 
animal... why we choose to follow a totem of purer heart and spirit? The answer is before you... in 
this thread... and in the closure of my forum.

I have filed an abuse complaint regarding this incident to the owners of this forum and "godaddy," 
the registrar and host of this website.

It is irresponsible to permit a thing like this which abuses the freedoms and rights of others, 
simply because it's members have no moral ethic nor regard for the sanctity of another's peace and 
beliefs. You might as well be white supremacists... hating, cursing, and burning crosses... you certainly 
are human supremacists; or should I woof that you are children; since you are lack the compassion or 
discipline to control your own actions as an adult might do. You might as well be psychopaths, since many 
of you fall under the definition of the cold, heartless, egomaniac who is only interested in their own 
good time and to hell with anyone else's feelings or lives.

My soul is Wolf... I was killed many years ago in a place far away. I did not choose to come here, I did not 
choose to be human... but we each must face the trials set before us. I happen to remember this past 
life through years of meditation into what I was... because I was different than most and something within
 me set me apart and drove my actions and attitudes in uncommon directions. I found there were a few others 
like myself, confused and alone, trying to figure out what the hell is going on inside. Thus I created 
Packlands for those few who are human on the outside, Wolf on the inside, dependent upon the world of men 
for our lives.

We live among a species that abuses and exploits and taints and kills everything that it touches; a species 
more viral than mammal in deeds, that preys on itself as much as anything else... heartless, cold, and selfish 
creatures... as you have proven yourselves today.

Say what you will of Wolves... but when you look at the facts... well..."



This guy doesn't even know a friendly person any more.

Ebonlupus answers the call of the wild

According to legend, Ebonlupus one day decided to address the obvious glaring hypocrisy of using a COMPUTER in his HOUSE to get on the INTERNET to bitch about how everything that humans have created is evil by going out into the woods to live the wild lifestyle of his wolfy brothers, the wolves. Ebonlupus lasted about a week before he had to come back to civilization because, supposedly, he had some medical condition that required a doctor's attention. Ebonlupus has repeatedly claimed that, were it not for this condition, he would totally be running in some wolfpack in Alaska. Because, you know, real wolves can just opt out of living in the wild if their tummies hurt.

Some Furry Comments On It

Lulziest part bolded:

Of course he was a big alpha wolf...

You know, fuck it, and fuck him. Anything there is to be said about the piss-sodden pit of spirituality he rolls around in, has been said. All that's left is the humor. He's a real diaperfur. You can see the scratches in the wall of his bedroom where his dogs tried to escape. The man didn't last more than a week roughing it in his own back yard. You know the kid who used to eat paste and flies off the windowsills? Yeah, he grew up and took Ebon's job. Now Ebon lives in his bedroom, sucking potassium out of his monitor and living off the dole. The waterhead you knew in grade school thinks that's hilarious. And he's right.

Given, a minor tweak in our country's legal code, and I'd be taking a weekend off. We border southern Oregon. It's convenient.[2]

A Fun Observation

A quick Whois lookup for one of Loopy's websites reveals, among other things, that he resides in Oregon. It seems that until recently, Oregon had no laws against bestiality. Turning to Google to see if the state now does have any laws against it brings up a confounding web of information that isn't very clear.

Assuming Oregon still has no laws against bestiality: is the wolf finally free in his promised land?

Loopy on FurAffinity

It seems as of 3rd September 2007 Loopy as re-emerged in the public eye by joining FurAffinity, the one art site on the internets guaranteed to never delete his work, because everyone there will be fapping to it. Many of the furries on FA don't seem to know of his notorious reputation, then again nothing in this article is likely to shock any furry out there.

His userpage confirms that he's in his mid-40's (ancient on the Internets), and he's bound to gain himself another following of doe-eyed nubile young furs with his big words and his psuedo-intellectual speeches about politics. Like his first journal for example:

If the United States wanted Saddam Hussein dead, they should have trained assassins to kill him and his family with a more surgical precision... but this would still have been murder.I find it interesting that the saints resort to the same tactics as the sinners to have it their own way... but it's shrugged off as patriotism to disrespect life in war.I find it extremely hypocritical that a government sanctions mass murder in the name of war and yet makes laws against individuals solving their differences this way. The government should do first by example and stop killing if they do not want individuals committing murder, and I think that if murder is going to be allowed for some it should be allowed for all.


—Ebon Lupus, Click here to read all the idiots sucking his e-dick for this journal post

Currently old Loopy's Block List is so long it's almost approaching Longcat proportions.


Here are some choice picks from Loopy's FA gallery, namely: mind-numbing porn noone's seen yet.

Lol Furry Drama

Loopy started oil painting when he was 12, guys. And he went to Community COLLAGE for art. Maybe thats why his art is more or less painted over collages.

It seems anywhere Loopy travels on the internets he can't get a break and people are always such "bigots" and mean to him. Or it could be he's just extremely hostile and purposefully causes incidents he can later wangst about.

He's already stirred up some furry drama on FA (as if that's hard) with this gem of a journal post where he claims to feel persecuted even among people as sick-minded as himself (when even furries look down on you it may be time to consider a lifestyle change.) He also thinks his paint-overs of wolf photos he clipped out of a National Geographic from 100 years ago makes him an artist because he took art classes at a community college in the early 80's, and he lumps dog-fuckers in with "Jews, faggots [and] niggers":

I'm sure all this has been woofed before...

I thought that the furry community was one created by and for those that feel a spiritual kinship to non-human beings and who wished to be more like them, be it an anthropomorphic inclination or an all out desire to be the actual creature.

But there are always the thinkers in black and white; the takers that cannot give an inch; the intolerant war-mongers. This seems the very nature of humans and their history: To take and hate and attack those different than the elite self-image... to wage war with the lesser-than-me; those lousy Jews, faggots, niggers, and dog rapists.

It just never ends. Humanity is mentally ill.

It seems wherever human beings involve themselves there is always introduced a level of bigotry into their patterns of thought. I’ve been guilty of this myself... but I’m beginning to see some light now. Among human beings there must always be this attitude that I am better then this or that, and if you don’t think and behave exactly as I do, then you are simply SHIT. *rolls eyes*

I am a reincarnated Wolf... I think like a dog and this is reflected in my art. The things that I find attractive are not human... and those who are human cannot understand or relate to my feelings or motives. There is nothing I can do about this; I am what I am, a Wolf. Wolves have always been persecuted by human beings.

I came here to give something to those who enjoy the non-human animal spirit... specifically the therianthropic Wolves... and as usual, without provocation, I fell under immediate attack. I knew this would happen because it ALWAYS happens.

I started oil painting when I was 12 years old. I took lessons when I was 18 at a community collage in 1981-1983. I have been an artist for 26 years, longer then most of the crybabies that stoke their idiot egos by attacking me have been alive.

Art mimics life... that’s what it does... it’s an expression and extension of who we are. I refuse to be like the rest of you and some people simply lack the maturity to deal with it; well, whatever.

I thank the majority of you that welcomed me here and appreciate what I have tried to give. I have nothing to woof to the rest of you except maybe... grow up.


—Ebon Lupus, provoking furries on the only art community that could possibly tolerate him Journal DELETED!

Furfag Reactions

Deleted Writing

Confirmation that Loopy's "love" poems were deleted
What's next, legalize marriage with animals?

Loopy submitted some variety of writing to FA. Whether it was dog-fucking poems, or, due to people saying it was an "essay" his horrifying "loving your beast": guide to fucking one's pet, noone can be sure. But you can be sure that Loopy's writing is now officially TOO HOT FOR THE INTERNETS.

When one's writing about beastiality freaks out and disgusts even a group of furries who spend all day furiously masturbating to hermaphrodite wolf-dragon anthros with 8 foot long cocks ejaculating like a fucking fountain you know something is very, very wrong with them.

And because faggot FA mods are dedicated to anti-lulz, anyone caught "harrassing" Ebonlupus is now subject to suspension. In this case, "harassment" means "posting any sort of negative comment on Ebonlupus's page," "posting any negative comment regarding the mods on Ebonlupus's page," "posting on Ebonlupus' page period," or "posting about Ebonlupus in your own journal or anywhere else on the internet." We can only take this as an indication that FA whole-heartedly supports dog fucking.

Furaffinity Forums

Loopy is pro polygamous marriage, and sees nothing wrong with having multiple mates! This is likely to help him justify in his own mind that he "loves" the multiple dogs he rapes regularly. It also seems that he wants the United States to be more like Communist China.

You can see the thread here

Oh shit, the furries were wrong! There was no violation with his "fantasy" of dog fucking, and thus he will now hide behind and lick the admin's asses of FurFaggotry.

Proof here

General Quotes

I'm always depressed. There are a lot of people that depress me because they have the right to discuss themselves and I don't.


—Ebon Lupus, crying fursecution for his disgusting dog-fucking ways

I can't woof about love anymore, so please don't bring it up. We should take everything seriously. When you start taking things lightly they slip away from you.


—Ebon Lupus, Much like a pedophile mistaking rape for love, and responding that the internet is indeed srs bzns

This guy doesn't even know when someone is trying to be nice to him either!

Want the tl;dr? Irbisgreif (math-man on ED) tried to get to know loopy, and learned that he is, in fact, just as crazy as this article implied.

See Also

  • WolfJLupus - Could very well be Loopy's prodigal son, clone, kindred spirit or imaginary friend.
  • Poeticirony - If there's a perfect girl in the world for Loopy, it's probably this dog-dick-sucking fat fuck.
  • Maxsnowdog - Backup dogmongler for when Poeticirony isn't around.

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