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The man, the myth, the legend

In a world filled with disgusting concepts like peace, love, and doing shit during the day, one brash 13 year old dared to rise above it all and declared to the world his love of "psycos", Green Day, and staying up all night.

And /a/ listened.

Ecstasy AKA Darks is a minor, old, and somewhat forced meme that emerged on /a/ back in late Summer 2007. Darks was discovered during one of /a/'s many bad fanart threads when an /a/sshole posted a picture of some Tartlet's self-insert. Fanart of Darks quickly dominated the thread and Darks became a minor fixture on /a/, and occasionally /cm/, ever since.

Shortly after the first thread, subsequent threads were reported for being "non-anime". Fans of Darks countered by creating one tired unfunny thread after another. This lead to the mods making posting pictures of the little emo fuck a bannable offense. But it's been 4 years since then and everyone barely remembers him now. So who knows if that rule is still enforced.

To this day, no one knows the name of the Tartlet who created Darks. The person who posted the picture never gave sauce.

Sometime in 2010, some sick fuck took /cm/'s supa kawaii version of Darks up to 11 and turned him into a Vocaloid trap. He still retains his love of staying up all night. But now he has an even stupider name so the trolls won't find him, dresses like a girl, does covers of songs sung by voice synthesizers, and has buttsex with other characters for the amusement of yaoi fangirls. He also has a GAR rival named "Agony AKA Lights", because staying up all night isn't GAR enough apparently.

My UTAU is based off of a 4chan meme. It actually has two names. (fail on my part.)

Darks is a male, and a convincing trap.

Japanese Name: 絶頂感暗 Zetsuchoukan Yami

Age: 13 Years

Height: 5"2

Likes: Blood, Death, Knives, Psychos, Pointy Objects, Green Day and... STAYING UP ALL NIGHT.

Dislikes: Peace and Love...


—desubunny, showing everyone why we can't have nice things.

OTL, Zetsuchoukan Yami is "Darks'" new name because I don't want it associated with 4chan and get trolls on my back.


—Nice try, you're one of the top links for "Ecstasy AKA Darks" on Google


I guess he is a convincing trap |D

Anyways, delicious voice is delicious <3


—"Sparky" from

Yami faggot fanfic. written by a Weeaboo Yaoi Fantard

I stared at Saru with uneasiness. "T-take out? I don't do that, sir." "Heeeey." He slurred. "Don't call me 'sir'. It's Saru, remember?" "Sir." I said. "I think it'd be best if you went home now." I gasped as he wrapped his arms around my waist, and I became paranoid that someone was going to see us. He was drunk. Couldn't he see at all what he was doing? "Yami..." Saru breathed into my ear. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. "Your shift is over, right? Can you at least do me one favor..." "No." I said. "You have to leave now, sir." I cried out as he suddenly squeezed my arm. "I told you not to call me that." He hissed. I felt his hand move under my dress and I shuddered as he stroked me through my panties. "D-don't!" I cried. "Why?" He said. "You don't want it?" "Want....what?" "I'll show you if you want...." He said. I felt him slipping my panties down, and I panicked. No. No. This was crazy. There was no way that he was actually going "Bend over." What? "No!" I shrieked, pushing away from him. "Do it." He said. "Or...if you don't want to....perhaps this will persuade you..." Saru reached into his pocket and took out an envelope. "What's that?" I said, wary. "Open it and you'll see." I took the envelope and opened it, gasping at the contents. These were pictures....of me at my night job. "A little young to be working there, don't you think?" "W-where did you get these? How did you stalk me?" A grin spread on Saru's face. "Something like that." could he? "P-please don't tell." I said, tears coming to my eyes. If anyone else knew about this... "Then you'll do as I say then?" I bit my lip. "Y....yes." I bent down, tears, all the while, dripping down my face. I heard the zipper from his pants go down, felt his hands around my stomach, and I prayed to god not to let this happen to me. I was too young. I knew he was not listening. I wanted to try one last time to persuade Saru. " can't do this..." "We made a deal." I could almost feel him smirking at me. "No...Saru...ah!" I shrieked, feeling him go inside me, and the deeper he went, the more I felt like he was tearing me apart. I wanted him to stop. "It hurts...." I sobbed. The pain I felt was so intense, I felt like I might die. But I knew. That this was for the best. Because Saru had threatened to expose me after all. I didn't want that. "Yami..." I felt Saru grip my stomach and he thrust into me so deep, it made me cry out again. I moaned weakly, suddenly feeling the slightest trace of pleasure. It was so strange. I was in so much pain, and yet, now it was starting to feel good. My body shook as Saru hit a spot deep in me, and it was scary to me, how much pleasure I felt from it. I wanted to Saru to stop, before I lost the will to say no. Just the feeling of him against me. This hot friction inside of me as our bodies melted together. It was breaking my will..."S-saru..." I moaned. "Stop..." "Tell me why I should." He breathed. "Give me one good reason." I shrieked as he hit that same spot again. Another burst of pleasure. "I-I'm 13!" I cried. "Not good enough." He said. What? No... Saru hit that spot yet a third time, and I felt like I was about to go crazy. "No! Not there!" I moaned as he went deeper still, and I was starting to feel light-headed from pleasure. How further was he going to go? I couldn't take any more of him inside of me, yet for some reason he kept thrusting into me, hitting that same spot again and again. I felt my body getting hot as I tightened around him. Oh god. I felt so guilty that I was doing this with him, but it felt so good. I gasped, feeling Saru angle himself over me, increasing pace. The rhythmic motion was making me dizzy. I shut my eyes. Drowned in pleasure. "Don't stop..." I panted. I felt this weird tingling inside my body, and every thrust from Saru became more pleasurable. I didn't know why. I just wanted him to do it more and more...but then, I shuddered, feeling a spasm pass through my body. I couldn't take anymore, and I let go. I moaned sharply, suddenly feeling something go inside me. What was Saru giving me? It made me feel so hot. So full. I could hear Saru panting heavily above me as he clung to my body. "Saru..." I breathed. "You won't tell anyone about this, will you?"


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