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Wants to date your younger brother.
When convicted child molester Ed Rodriguez began talking about shacking up with his underaged 'boyfriend', his e-pals turned on him and united to make his kiddie-diddling ways public.

Gay Child Rapist. Former LJ user Lj-favicon.png usmcbear, reportedly wrote under lj name Lj-favicon.png facts_of_life which has also been deleted.

In 2004, Ed posted a journal entry about his plans to move in with his underaged teenage "boyfriend", prompting his e-pals to go "ewwwww". Details began to surface about his previous conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a minor under 13. Dramacrats at once set about making Ed's kiddie-diddling proclivities public knowledge through a series of articles on LJ Drama and through hardvice's "Ed Rodriguez is kiddie-raping Love" colorbar meme.

Shortly after this, LJ Abuse decided that reproducing information from government-issued public records was harassment, officially cementing LiveJournal's status as a safe haven where rapists and other convicted sexual predators could conveniently stalk new victims, and where those found guilty of the eminently lulzy act of public urination didn't have to be confused with convicted rapists and other sexual predators.

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