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ED staff hard at work.

Staff are the junkies who make this site work in some miracle way. We frequently accomplish miracles to fix problems with no reason. We're generally good people that want to make sure this site works for you and sucks less.

Staff are made of a few different levels of people:


Editors have some rights, including protection, rollback and moving pages. They're also able to set everything on the Main Page. They can't delete anything or cause site changes. Editors are important because they allow the sysops to remain high, drunk, and lazy. We're always looking for dedicated people who would like to contribute to Encyclopedia Dramatica in a bigger way. Is this you? Nominate yourself here!


They're pretty important. They're here to maintain the site in a more important way. Along with all the Editor abilities, they can also delete pages, undelete pages, hide histories and revisions, ban you, alter time, cure Global Warming... also, cocks.


They appoint Administrators, and basically own all of you. They'll gladly take you for a ride on the banwagon, free of charge.

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