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The innovative logo displayed in the top left corner of their webpage.

Editthis.info (also known as editshit.info, shitedit.info, or ShitTide.info,) is an ancient wiki hosting service that is still creaking along, despite most of its wikis being largely unmaintained and riddled with spam. By all appearances and perhaps in fact as well, Editthis.info is operated by a one-man crew; that one man being a n00b named RobKohr. Editthis.info is a "wiki within a wiki" (wikifarm) host, in which it simply makes new wikis act as pages and subcategories, meaning any global admin can DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING without your consent, for any reason. There are other MediaWiki wikifarms that allow you to make your own little retarded wikis for free. These include Referata and Wiki-site.

Notable wikis

  • Create Your Own Story, a wiki where pedophiles can express and live out their sick fantasies in the form of textual adventures.
  • Code: Wiki, a wiki that was used only by emos, that thankfully got hit by thousands of vandal attacks and died.
  • Dannypedia, the only wiki here that had any lulz.
  • Alterealitiky, A wiki for kids. It used to be so clean and kid-friendly that I once liked to put a goatse picture there every once in a while.
  • Conservatruth, which revealed the truth about Conservapedia.
  • Ultraviolet News Network, retards

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