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The image used by Edward Nygma in his posts, generally edited to avoid flood detection.

Edward Nygma

Edward Nygma !!jO0uMe2YWU5 is a tripfag who posts riddles on /b/ in the style of Batman's The Riddler. People trip over themselves until they get the answer right and win some Internets. He is also known as The Chemo That Is Curing /b/ because he posts shit that he makes up himself.


You'd rather use me than the fire itself

to keep your stories burning

thick as a brick or a masons block

or several different words for rock

Answer: Thesaurus

Not quite an angel, but over your head

From fallen fruit, I turn instead

Answer: Zenith

The first name of the thawed hero

Is on the crown, unless it's not

and when it's not, I'm not a curve

Either way, I'll get you blurred..

Answer: A screwdriver

The hangman made a thing so bleak

No red, no blue, no cute techniques

Despite the name, it's hard to clear

it's not 2 apples, but shares the year

Answer: Eraserhead

The year with nothing removed

It's obvious I lack a box

Where porcine skin is in the swamp..

All three add up to the real answer, a question that some have asked before

Answer: 28/M/Gainnesville, FL

Try, Try, and Try again

I should be there, not the end

Valor, Power, brains and brawn

Sometimes shattered, sometimes not..

Answer: The Triforce

2 Doctors might have figured out

Just what my name [Edward Nygma] is all about

Answer: Paradox

I'm not a scholar, namely, mostly

Known for terror, blood and boasting

Known for fire, helped with grass

And vessels known for hauling ass

Answer: Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

If yellow, I'd be very bright

But as it stands, I failed my mission

I'm sure I'm in my father's eye

I was out shined by family competition

Answer: The Apple Lisa

If you lived in a shoe, I might be a tail

Answer: Coda

Bloody men made me bitter

But when I left, I lost that edge

Naked, I still make you wretch

But if I'm nice, I'm nice to get

Answer: Chocolate

Most think I was born with the head of a beast

I'm found in that, as well as yeast

Answer: The Letter A

The sky is red, my face is long

and you might think I'm home alone

And taken from my home, I've been

by many, many shifty men.

Answer: The painting, "Scream"

Daddy could throw, daddy could sell

My many bodies sold quite well

The stop where I live was twice my style

I don't disclose quite all my guile..

Answer: The MOS Technology 6502

It was a time to open, four weeks, you could say, per day

Like a famous declaration, but the bad luck added weight

Although he was a traitor, he had a Holy name

9 and 9 still towed the line and met their master's fate

Answer: Mutiny on the Bounty

I began in a big one, and owned one for pets

And the head of the pets, like a wasp or an ant

Could not stop the green one from making a goat

Out me, but you see, it's the street that I know

Answer: Dolemite

A child flew too close, 8 things like his name

If you care, in a way, you won't loose the game

There's four of us, one of us has the same name

Answer: The Pitcairn Islands

I know you found me fallen

Before you could recall

Without me, Bellona's man

Won't look the same at all

Answer: Iron

I could be 5 where the little guys

Do not get pushed and pulled around

But I'd rather be a house that keeps you

Falling on the ground

Answer: Château Lagrange

My latest face was awful

My second face was great

Forget the U, 'cause I'm a DYS

One man's all it takes

Answer: Rollerball (1975 Movie)

You could count my rings

Probably more than is expected

I'm not a tramp, but Minus that

I'm known for misdirection

Answer: Ed Wood

Mercy is not my way

But also not my name, exactly

Skip the flash, but not the date

Unlucky? Not in sixty eight

Answer: The Ming Dynasty

Mother sun has two

I am one, are you?

Lighthearted when I'm safe inside

But go outside? My heart will die

Answer: Radium

I could be level headed

It's true and yet it's not

There's more names you could call me

One is and isn't Scott.

Answer: David Robert Jones

Second boss, 2 doors down

Around that house I could be found

My wives and doors make up my rank

Flying ants have me to thank

Answer: Henry VIII

I am not a Knight

Like my line is not a kite

But actually, I am

Destiny? No, I'm a tiny little man

But not really... who am I

Answer: Salvador Dali

A challenger appears

It is very common in riddle threads that a fag or multiple fags will try to posts riddles that they found on Google. The riddlefags are quick to point out these black person.

Last Thursday riddlerfag posted a very tough riddle; a riddle no one on /b/ could solve (and with all the laff U lose, CP, Cut vs Uncut, and America vs Europe threads who has the time to think?) Anon dicked around too long and countless trolls invaded, which caused riddlecock to get all butthurt and decided he would quit the game. This of course is shit nobody cares about.


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