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Obviously a faggot .
Dear God, my eyes.
That's one fugly whore.

Electria De Val(real name Alan Mcdougal from rural Perthshire) is an attention whore, and Internet Celebrity that is stuck up his own ass. He is more known through the community website MySpace in which his fan base consists on ugly fat whores. Electria's intelligence is more lacking than Paris Hiltons intelligence and talent put together.

Electria's feminazi attitude against people is very shallow. He once claimed he hates anything that is not beautiful such as people's weight, personal hygiene, and of most their status in popularity.

This ugly piece of work found fame because of his wealthy father, not because he found it “himself” in which he claims. He usually stays out of direct sunlight unless he has something importing to do, as the retard thinks walking will make him gain weight.

Woman want breast cancer so they are one step closer in looking like me.


—Electra, on the Cancer that's killing women


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