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The Unifying Symbol
The reality of it.

EmbracingMystery is a place for the gathering of aging retards (Otherkin) who believe they are Magical. The forum is full of people who believe they were fairies, vampires, witches, dragons etc. in a past life, or still believe that they are actually fairies, vampires...and so on.

They are basically furries who have convinced themselves that they are what they dress up as. On the forum they discuss why they are more special than “Normal Humans” due to their magicalness.

Many non-otherkin also join the site for reasons unknown - perhaps they are touched by the magical energy radiating off the otherfags as was this fortunate man.

The Owner: MemoryandDream

How can you not take her seriously?

MemoryandDream(also known as M. Turner) is the Owner/Operator of EmbracingMystery and also sells her handcrafted jewelry on this site. On her LiveJournal she describes herself as a:

"30 year old Pagan female who lives in Florida with her guy and two cats, loves Disney, reads fanatically, tinkers in photography and believes growing up is overrated."

Dictionary.com describes a pagan as:


  • one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.
  • a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim.
  • an irreligious or hedonistic person.


  • pertaining to the worship or worshipers of any religion that is neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim.
  • of, pertaining to, or characteristic of pagans.
  • irreligious or hedonistic.

So MemoryandDream could be voodoo practicing nigra baby-eater as far as we know. But one thing that she does claim to be is a Vampire, and as a self-proclaimed liberator of oppressed vampires everywhere who suffer from the misconceptions of “Normal Humans." Memory has made a site dedicated to eradicating the falsehoods about REAL Vampires.

She gonna eat mah babies wit her voodoo!!!

Apparently she also believes that there are people out there trying to impersonate her for reasons no one could understand, so memory has written a whole page on how to identify if you are talking to the real her: [1]

Or perhaps somewhere deep down she actually knows how ridiculous all of this is and is just trying to save herself from future trolling. But then she goes against that when she lists everything that she does on teh internets, which makes things much easier for trolls who would normally have to search Google for a few minutes before coming up with all those links.

Memory also has a YouTube account where she broadcasts a HappyDance when she acquires precious material possessions.

In addition to all this, M also is deeply hated by a fair amount of other Otherkin. (Drama: Big shocker there eh?) Mostly due to the fact that she leeches off her forum members because she can't be fucked to get a job. Sadly, her members (read: victims) condone/support this and happily donate upwards of thirty dollars to keep both her sites running. Not to mention her trips to Disney World, fixing up her computer, and other stuff that she could afford on her own if she actually worked a day in her life. (PROTIP: She doesn't. And likely won't.)


LOL wut is it?


There is not much known about Khyle, except for the fact that he believes he is the reincarnation of some sort of Dog-thing, and that makes him better than you.

Humble Lightworker

Humble Lightworker

Humble Lightworker's picture shows that he thinks he is some kind of purple-elf thing, but upon view of his site he says he doesn't believe in labels but that he could be a vampire or an angel, because, you know - the two are very similar.

"At first I thought Vampire would fit. Some people were calling me that, but after awhile, it just didn't feel right. So I continued my search. Someone mentioned Nephilim to me, while the label Angel seemed possible. But none of them ever felt right, and as I became more spiritually opened, it felt like my soul took offense to being stuck with a simplistic label created by the physical brain."

They Don't Like That..

The 'Kin do not like people challenging their beliefs, as regular people do not understand what it is like to be a kin. Apparently “otherkin” have a far greater understanding of nature, and can read minds, make energy balls, have better sex and so on...

They also don't like it when outsiders pretend to be otherkin just to be cool, because they can tell who really was a elf in their past life and who wasn't.

The typical Embracing Mystery reaction to anyone who holds views contrary to their own is to destroy all traces of their existence.

Almost Drama

Some drama started last Thursday when a new user Pythatra logged on and explained their supposed abnormal traits – apparently to end of trying to convince the otherkin that they aren't really all that special.

it's hard to tell

This was met at first with lighthearted debate, and then with the admin Khyle telling Pythatra that she needed to do more research before she goes questioning their beliefs. Khyles obscure spiritual beliefs apparently are integral to any religious study. When confronted with the question of why there is no evidence of the existence of the obviously made-up animals that the 'kin claim to be, then they usually jump to the explanation that they are from another planet, much like Xenu. When the debate reached an impasse Khyle explained that he could convince Pythatra if he was only close enough to do some “Energy work” on her, which basically meant that he wanted to molest her under the guise of deep spirituality *cough* warren jeffs *cough*. This could've become interesting if Pythatra were an experienced troll, but she had no mad skillz and was not hardcore, so the thread died a natural and respectful death without much ensuing lulz.

Soon after that some effort was made on 4chan to try and entice trolls to EmbracingMystery, whether this was Pythatra trying to get back at the othertards or not is unknown, but whoever it was their strategy didn't work. This only goes to show that people should do their own trolling.

After this, Pythatra vanished into the vast chasms of teh internets never to be seen again.


Even people who believe they really are dragon and vampires have their limits. lamerkinis where they send the threads that are too stupid or far-fetched even for them.

On one such thread user Dark Raider posts:

The Obscure Esquilax

"I see blood as one of the powerful tools in nature. If you know how to use it, and I don't mean just guessing but really knowing how, you can use it to heal someone, or use someone's blood to heal yourself. Since it naturally has a lot of power in it, the only question is having experience with it. A warrior for instance, could use the blood to boost his energy in combat (providing he slashed a few first). Blood can also be used for many kinds of potions. I believe I read somewhere that the blood of dragons can make a sword magically more strong and durable. I also read that unicorn's blood could detect or cure any poison. Some vampires say angel's blood is highly addictive. If you drank someone's blood, you could probably take on most of their magical abilities and experience as well (it's complicated how experience can be passed on through blood but it can be done). Now I'm not saying you should do all the above, but everyone has blood in them so I don't see the use of it as a bad thing. Blood can have a similar value to precious stones, at least in my view."

Which enraged the otherfags to the point of turning off their bestiality porn (Hey, it's not wrong if I actually was a dog in my past life) and dropping their flaccid penises so that they may express their anger.

User Shiari wrote:

"On EM we like to try and use that thing called "reality" and/or "plausibility."

Dark Raider then retaliated by saying:

"Considering the number of posts found on this site where people say they are, or are connected to one or more creatures that are not even documented by modern science (which would bring it close to "reality").......I seriously doubt that you "like to try and use that thing called reality or plausability". Trust me, if you were to have a DNA test done it would prove you are physically a human. Im not saying you are not spiritually an otherkin, just saying that in the provable physical reality we are all humans. And by human I dont mean soul-wise or spiritually, just that your physical body has DNA from humankind. Just in case you do not believe me that you are human, look in the mirror and try to compare what you see with everyone else."

Which seems strangely clairvoyant considering his past posts. At this point the all-powerful vampiress herself had to step in and say:

"I have a distinct feeling that you think this is a fluffy, RPG board. It's not. You're discussing concepts of myth as if they were real. Which we don't permit here. Seriously, take a better look around and if you insist upon continuing to treat the board as a roleplaying or fiction-passed-off-as-fact outlet, you will be removed. This is your only warning. -m"

Because no one who believes that they're a vampire thinks that myths are real. And it's appalling to discuss myths as though they are real, like they do here.

So I guess you can only discuss myths as reality if everyone else around you agrees with the myth.

Maybe they should test their otherkinness by an-heroing themselves

Other Stuff

Khyle's past life

Due to the fact that the othertards want to keep a respectful profile(without denying their mad skillz at magic) it's hard to find much documented drama. Also, EmbracingMystery does not simply let you create a profile and start posting, they make you wait for approval on your account (usually about a day or so) which turns off most impatient trolls.

However much lulz can be obtained from simple reading their posts (especially if you keep in mind that they're srs) :

link link link even the othertards themselves are confused by this one.

this and this are just pure lulz.

EmbracingMystery currently requires you to register before looking at most of their posts, because that's definitely going to keep their magic from being read by unwanted individuals.

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