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Emodad in non-meme form.

Emodad is a sixteen year old boy trapped in the body of a forty-five year old emo-sexual complete with facial piercings and a fringe in his eyes. He was discovered several years ago but newfags started churning out image macros in June 2010 and since then has gone semi-viral with plenty of easily amused faggots adding unfunny text on his pictures in the style of Advice Dog and guess what... voila! A meme!!!

Emodad, like many of the emo persuasion, can be found lurking the lonely trenches of MySpace under the nickname CrisXcruX. It is currently unknown as to how, out of all the raging emotards on MySpace, Emodad's mug was favoured by wannabe meme-makers, but it is safe to say that traffic to his MySpace account has probably grown exponentially ever since.

Some have suggested that Emodad is a glimpse into what Justin Bieber will look like in thirty years time and his images have been TweetPhoto. Justin can only wish.


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