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Screenshot of Encarta's opening page

Encarta was a shitty online encyclopedia from 100 years old. It was much like the evil Wikipedia, except instead of being edited by everyone, it was all written by Bill Gates. This means that there was a considerable amount of propaganda for Nazi mysticism and buying Windows. If you had problems searching then you were helped by Clippy, whether you were using Encarta to write a letter or not.

Comparison to Wikipedia

Unlike Wikipedia, Encarta was not free. A few articles were free to read for everyone, but to be able to see anything actually useful you must pay at least 100 dollars. Like the Wikimedia Foundation, Encarta also included other sections such as:

CD Version

Before the internets, Encarta was a computer program the you would purchase. It included useful material to help people study and research, and included educational games such as MindMaze and Counter-Strike. But the program results were completely useless shit, since no useful information can be found on the entire CD. If you want to make Encarta a little useful, you had to download at least one trillion updates. The online version users had to pay to realistically use weren't pushed as much since they got cracked the moment they came out.

Encarta Instant Answers

Encarta Instant Answers was a bot for MSN that allowed you to quickly ask questions and get answers on topics ranging from "What is the capital of France?" to "Where is Paris?" Anything more complex than this would result in it opening Encarta for you in the activities pane and then asking you to pay for any fucking information, even if you asked it stupid questions, it would not know shit so it would open Encarta. If you insulted it, would say something like "If I'm not mistaken, Shakespeare was the first one saying that."

[email protected]

All Your Base in Encarta Instant Answers

This bot would go through almost the whole script of All Your Base when prompted, however some parts didn't come up.

All your base is well known to the Encarta Instant Answers bot

All Your Base are belong to Encarta Instant Answers

Encarta Instant Answers could win in an argument and completely pwn any who challenge it


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