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This is considered a constructive day over at Encyc.

Encyc is a small-time wiki run by a guy calling himself Emperor that markets itself as the top competitor to Wikipedia. It is inhabited also by his sockpuppet Duke of Puke and the alternate accounts of a Wikipedian known as "emesee".

Emperor's stance on ED

WARNING - Do not visit Encyclopaedia Dramatica or follow links to it. Encyclopedia Dramatica hosts viruses which may damage your computer (.com era).


—the Emperor, saying that Sherrod put viruses on her own site for some reason

Site History

Opened in 2005, it was a personal wiki for Emperor and Duke of Puke. Around the end of 2007, Emperor installed MediaWiki and being creative enough not to use the default name "Sysop" but not creative enough to think of an alias, he chose Emperor.

Feb 2008, Blissyu2 asked to use the MediaWiki to write boring things like Port Arthur massacre and also document the truth about what had happened with regards to Somey stealing Wikipedia Review from him. Each time Blissyu2 wrote a lulzy article including topics like how Somey is a criminal, how his best friend Nathanr backstabbed him, how Poetlister was not a guy and was unfairly banned (which was changed about four months later due to Poetlister's sockpuppets being revealed as such by ED administrators), how Kato on WR is the same person as SlimVirgin, and how Selina is probably the same person as Somey. Each new addition was eagerly read and laughed at.

All was fine, and for many months his work remained untouched.

Enter Alison.

Alison decided that, based on an absolutely true statement that she had been asked by Somey to hurt Blissyu2's reputation, that she would really seriously hurt him, and started to use Encyc to make a seriously nasty smear campaign against Blissyu2.

Alison didn't stop with writing nonsense in articles about him, but rather went further by simultaneously claiming that Encyc was "Blissypedia", and that her "Duty was to correct all of Blissyu2's delusions". In other words, that Alison's entire reason to be there was to destroy his life. While destroying his life with massive smear campaigns, Alison constantly accused Blissyu2 of secretly libeling other people.

A few days before Poetlister was outed as a large, hairy British gay man, Blissyu2 was busily writing a page defending her innocence. Once the trap was outed, Blissyu2 then immediately claimed he knew about it all along. So then Alison created a whole army of sock puppets, and used them to start a massive campaign on Encyc. Soon Proabivouac started thinking Blissyu2 was Poetlister. Things escalated and as the socks had names like Sonichu [1], Emperor didn't think it was Alison doing it and blamed Chris-chan instead. As Emperor doesn't read ED (viruses), he'll never know.

Stop fucking lying you crazy evil bitch


Blissyu2 in a moment of lucidity

crazy evil bitch crazy evil bitch crazy evil bitch crazy evil bitch crazy evil bitch


Alison on Alison

Grawp helps Alison

In 2008, Grawp made a lightning raid on Encyc. Alison flew to the rescue and had a heroic mock-battle with him. Emperor was taken in and imagined that Alison had saved his wiki, so he granted her long-held wish to be an admin there.

Blissyu2, seeing the vandalism, realized that it was done by Somey. [2] It is now a proven fact that Grawp and Somey are the same person.

It seemed that it wasn't to last and Emperor stole back the sysop bit before she could block Blissyu2 and baleet the main page. But what's this? Look again! He's restored her bit and given it to Nathanr [3] and ... wait for it ... Blissyu2 [4] himself. Bliss would again lose it 5 days later for going on a baleet rampage.

Later on

With Blissyu2 gone, Alison de-lulzed his humorous articles and now everyone there only writes serious articles about Albert Einstein and stuff.

Febrary 2008, Sgt. Snopake came by, much to Nathanr's dismay. [5] For those unfamiliar and don't want to read the TL;DR story, imagine being really nervous asking a girl out and then you tell her you love her, not a request for sex, just that you love her. All your hopes are based on how she responds. Then... then... She said, "Oh my god, I'm 16 and you're 28. You pedophile!" She then gets her brother to beat you up, then gets you banned from Wikipedia forever, then gets you vanned so you must register as a convicted sex offender, then gets the government to castrate you as a child molester, and then afterward she gets knocked up by one of the thirty older black men she's been sleeping with. Well Nathan's ex-flame has taken up permanent residence on Encyc and is expected to become sysop soon. Nathan will like that.

Nowadays, Emesee creates sockpuppets such as Elmer, Academia, Wikademia, and Writer, spreading right-wing bullshit and propaganda for everyone to absorb, under the guise of providing educational material and promoting his personal Wikipedia fork and conservative spam repository Wikademia. He constantly uses these other accounts.

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