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Mexico (mex as in "Mexs" to shout out at a Mexican - - jee as in HI pronounced "he" since it's Spanish -ko as in Cocaine) is a giant contaminated drug lab full of chili peppers, government oppression, massive fucking drug wars, dealers, whores, corruption, tequila, factories, jumping beans, blindingly quick mice, sombreros, tacos, sex, and of course, the filthy Spics. The entire continent of Central and South America could actually be considered part of Mexico as well, but it's too insignificant for the Mexican government to recognize since most of its population was wiped out by swine flu. Mexico is currently in contention with Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the Balkans for the title of the Biggest Shithole on Earth.

((Español, hijo de puta. ¿Lo hablas?...))

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