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Fallout: Space Vegas

The Outer Worlds (a.k.a. Fallout: Space Vegas, TOW, Space Dyke Simulator 2019 and Fallout 4) is a 2019 vidya game by Obshitian Entertainment that serves as the sequel to the company's 2010 hit, Fallout: New Vegas. Much like its predecessor, The Outer Worlds is a western-themed FPSRPGOMGWTFBBQ game that is filled to the brim with dykes and other assorted homosexual degenerates since Obsidian's staff are a bunch of virulent Social Justice Warriors.

Unlike Fallout: New Vegas, which was built on Bethesda's shitty Frankensteined Gamebryo engine, The Outer Worlds is instead built on Epic Games' Unreal Engine – the most overused piece of shit in the gaming industry. Despite being built on a superior engine almost a full decade after its predecessor, The Outer Worlds somehow still manages to have characters with faces so fugly that they look like they were ripped straight out of a 2006 Bethesda game.

Because 2019 was an absolute shit year for gaming, reviewers will ultimately be forced to decide whether The Outer Worlds deserves to win Game of the Year over the downgraded Nintendo Switch re-release of 2015's The Bitcher 3: Wild Cunt.


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