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There are many people who hold certain beliefs about Encyclopedia Dramatica and its purpose. The purpose of this article is to address some common misconceptions about ED, because, as we all know, The Internet is serious business.

Misconception #1 - ED is an outing site

Usually false. Encyclopedia Dramatica exists to document drama, and generally speaking, a person's real name, place of residence, or other personally identifiable information are not necessary to achieve this. In addition, many attempts to include people's PowerWord: IRL Name fall terribly short at achieving any lulz. Besides, we no longer support adding dox to articles directly anyway.

If you should find an article on ED about you or someone you know and care about that contains personally identifying information, and you make a reasoned, rational request through an appropriate channel, such as Arbchat or TJC, the sysops of the wiki will often be more than willing to consider your request and remove the offending dox text, and if the article is fail enough, such as having "crap" and "baleetplz" templates on it, we could possibly remove the entire article.

If, however, you make a complete ass out of yourself, threaten frivolous lolsuits, or are simply a bad internets citizen, we will probably just laugh at you and photoshop some BBQ onto your article image for the lulz.

Misconception #2 - ED is an attack site

Mostly false. Remember, however, that Encyclopedia Dramatica exists for the lulz. Sometimes fiction is funnier than truth; sometimes truth is funnier than fiction. Encyclopedia Dramatica strives to strike a balance between them to deliver as many lulz as possible. Most of the time, we don't condone direct malicious actions. Unless you're a furfag anyway, then you're just asking for it.

Should you find what you believe to be an attack entry about you on Encyclopedia Dramatica, remember that this place is a SATIRE wiki, and try not to take it srsly. We don't, and most of our intelligent readers know better than that. If it's completely retarded, or you find it horrendously offensive, you may do as suggested above and politely request its removal, but note that this is less likely to be seriously considered unless the article is truly fail and doesn't have enough lulzy material to warrant an article without "crap", "crapstub", "baleetplz" or "attacker" templates on them.

If, however, you make a lolcow or a whiny child out of yourself about it, we'll probably just frontpage it.

Misconception #3 - ED hates Wikipedia

Mostly false. It would be an understatement to assert that there is some bad blood between Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica, as is evidenced by our article on Wikipedia and by their entry on ED. Yes, we lampoon Wikipedia and its editors all the time, but we don't exist solely for that purpose, and some of us are actually respectable Wikipedia contributors (or just have respectable Wikipedia sockpuppets). We know better than to take things seriously, though, and the majority of ED Sysops really don't care either way.

Misconception #4 - ED spreads viruses

False. btw if you believe otherwise ur a total fucktard. Encyclopedia Dramatica may spread pr0n, lulz, drama, and pictures of cats, but viruses are found nowhere on or near our græt wiki, nor are they ever uploaded or otherwise injected into our site to attack hapless dipshits. Encyclopedia Dramatica, like any reasonable American company, would not wish to compromise our users' ability to experience the wealth of our content.

Should you suspect that a virus is on your computer, you should immediately cease fapping to that furry porn site, and run a free virus scanner. Then you should piss and moan and blame ED for it so that we will laugh at your inherent stupidity. For example, claiming that ED hacked your computer because the screen displays the 'æ' symbol among thousands of other symbols present on the screen despite the fact that 'æ' is part of Windows' character set is an example of such mind-blowing idiocy.

Misconception #5 - ED is a hate site

False. As a whole, ED bears no organized animosity toward people because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or any other arbitrary distinction. ED users and sysops come from a variety of backgrounds, races, religions, and sexual orientations. While individual users may on occasion convey their own prejudices, they should not be considered to be the official position of ED. If you are offended by content on ED it most likely means that you don't understand satire. If you find content on ED to be offensive, it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to remove the offending content but instead bring it to the attention of one of these people either by leaving a message on their talk page, a message in the TJC, or via ED IRC. We won't do anything about it, but we always enjoy a good laugh.

Misconception #6 - ED contains Child Pornography

Absolutely False. While it is true that file uploads are unmoderated and do not require any sort of administrator approval, ED has zero tolerance for that shit for any reason whatsoever and questionable material is deleted as soon as sysops are made aware of it, you sick fuck. Go use The Google and search for [email protected] or drop by 12-and-underchan if you want that shit. We are not a dumping ground for your kiddie porn, and our users will be more than willing to report your IP address to the FBI. You'll get a rightful b&hammer if we find out that it's you that keeps putting that shit on here repeatedly.

Misconception #7 - ED houses criminals/pedophiles

False. Encyclopedia Dramatica, while admittedly having some undesirables, does not give full-fledged and current criminals a safe haven here. If we get any evidence at all that you have a criminal record or that you are a currently wanted person and want to add us to your infamy, like uploading your CP here or blanking your article if we have one about you to hide your offenses as examples, we'll rightfully banhammer you and let the authorities know by reporting your IP address. We even have proper templates to label said pedos with to remind our other more tasteful users to report them or stay away.

Misconception #8 - ED is a shock site

Sometimes False. While we do have shock material for pages and articles like Offended and Pain Series, that is not our primary focus. Once again, we focus on satire, and any shock material we have is once again done for lulz, like for vandalizing banned lusers userpages for their faggotry. We mostly provide links to other more famous shock sites instead of being a shock site ourselves. Not only are we a satire site, we are also NOT for kiddies. So if you don't want your kid to never sleep again, blacklist us instead of whining about how we offended you. You/your kid clicked on our site, it's not our fault they got their first sight of goatse.

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