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Ency smaller.gif Policy
This article defines official ED Policy.

So you're an old EDitor or OhI refugee who just signed up for .se after discovering there was an alternative to the Web 2.0 horror known as OhInternet. You probably remember a lot about ED.com, like those stupid sandwiches spamming the RC or all the G-lines when this beauty went up. This new ED probably (hopefully? :( ) reminds you of a lot of that kind of shit that made ED.com so awesome (to say the least). However, there are obviously some major differences here besides the logo. To better help migrants like you conform, we put together a little handbook that should assist in getting to back to the lulz immediately.


One huge difference is that ED.es isn't Sherrod's oligarchy where mods were tyrannic overlords and users were looked down upon. That was especially the case with news about the site's content and stability. Articles would go down without any given explanation given to the users who spent time working on them. While we all know Sherrod tried to avoid trouble at all costs while still trying to make her enterprise look as edgy as possible, we also know that the false DMCA's she shat her pants over didn't mean anything.

In order to provide a better user experience here at ED.se, we choose not to take articles down just because someone got butthurt. This of course has historically caused some problems for us. Numerous hosts and service providers have dropped us and nulled our boxes without warning, leaving us offline for days or even weeks in one or two circumstances. Recently, thanks to user donations (don't worry, these aren't going straight to the owner's pockets this time!) we have secured some solid hosting and should remain up for good. That being said, if ED is ever down for some reason, hop on IRC and we'll let you know why. At the moment, there are some very angry people who think that emailing our hosts false DMCA's every week and calling our family/friends is going to take down ED for good. They will do whatever they can to try to do this, but at the same time we are doing whatever we can to make sure ED stays up.

Occasionally, they'll get lucky and find some sort of bullshit legal complaint to make in hopes of getting us in trouble. This only results in us removing the specific content in question (usually dox), not an entire article. If for some reason you ever see this happening and the revisions of said information are still up, don't revert without contacting a sysop first.

If someone that you know (a fellow trusted editor or staff member etc) is removing content from the wiki, it is generally for a very good reason. You may think that you are helping by reverting, but you don't know what is going on behind the scenes and chances are you are doing much more harm than you are good. If you talk to them in private they will always let you know what is going on, calling them out on the Wiki is a bad move and makes you look like an ignorant asshole, so don't do it.


Posting dox has been and always will be a lot of gray area for us. Generally, dox are rehashed information that has already been made public in one way or another, but there are still a lot of privacy issues regarding them. While some articles wouldn't be quite complete without them, we generally discourage posting them, because someone is always going to complain, regardless of their own hypocritical actions or not. If you feel they are needed, post them on pastebin, then link to them.

New articles

On old ED, a lot of new articles were deleted/sandboxed immediately. While we still have no tolerance for vanity shit, blatant attack articles, or any other kinds of stupid shit, we are a bit more lenient with a lot of the new articles on the site. If someone has an article with potential, yet they lack the writing or mark up skills, try to help them out or at least point them in the right direction. If the article is still complete shit after a few weeks of inactivity, sandboxing becomes ok at that point.

Where to go for assorted shit

  • Contact SeeBeen for technical support.
  • Contact Mantequilla about username changes, checkusers, user privileges, etc.
  • These are the rest of the staff, some you'll recognize and some you won't. If you need help with anything just look through Recent Changes for one of those names and leave a message on their respective talk pages.

You will notice that the staff list is much shorter than it was on .com. This is for good reason as it prevents a lot of infighting and circle-jerking and leaves the site running much smoother, even though we get just as much, if not more traffic than under the previous administration.