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This article defines official ED Policy.
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Migration in progress

Please note: This article is intended for those editors, new to ED, who nonetheless have experience in wiki use.


If you are reading this, you are probably a migrant to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Having escaped your unfunny homeland, you have managed to swim oceans to reach that great nation of freedom and lulz, Encyclopedia Dramatica. What you need to learn is that while you may think you can ignore the newbie advice, we do things differently here. Don't bring your filthy habits into ED, you scum. And don't sleep with our women, either. We don't want our blood watered down by your filth.

Major differences between ED and lesser wikis

  • The Asterisk: When you comment in people's talk pages to tell them how they suck, please use the asterisk- NOT the colon. It's minor, but it's policy. We are not autistic about it though, unlike some other wikis.
  • When you find a shitty article, PLEASE, add some lulz?
  • Article deletion/reversion: We try to deal with issues as quickly as possible. At ED, admins are encouraged to act intelligently and independently, and so, for example, a poor article will be deleted not by VfD, but through a speedier process known as "pressing the delete button".
  • Site administration: Please remember that as ED is no longer a Sherrodocracy, and we are not ruled by committee. This dislike of committees is prevalent throughout this wiki, so if you have a problem with an admin, just tell another admin: If the first one is seen to have acted inappropriately, someone will adress the issue.
  • Article relevance: Encyclopedia Dramatica is specifically a wiki relating to the internets, lulz and drama. The first of these is generally considered to be the most important: lulz and drama should be internet lulz and drama. In general, an article will have to be truly hilarious to survive if it isn't connected to the Internet in some way. Well written articles that lampoon or satirize their subject will be assessed on a case by case basis, regardless of Internets relevance.
  • ED IRC: This is an important part of Encyclopedia Dramatica, as it allows faster communication between editors. Please use it whenever you're on ED. The Thizzlehat Junction Center (aka TJC) is also invaluable.
  • Vandalism: Enyclopedia Dramatica, despite the allegations of Wikipedia, is not a vandalism wiki. ED does not attempt to regulate the actions of its users outside this website, ED does not organize, support or otherwise condone vandalism; nor does ED organize or support raids and/or trolling campaigns. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not your personal army. If that's what you're looking for, try 7chan or the GNAA. What we want here is an accounting of any lulz arising from these campaigns.
  • Attack articles: Again, due to untrue allegations by other wikis, you may be under the perception that ED is an attack site. We are not; we are a lulz site. Attacking people is fine so long as there is lulz in it; if there is no lulz, there will shortly be no article. If the target of the article attempts to vandalise or blank it, that creates lulz, so please make sure that the subject knows what you said about them.
  • A special note to Wikipedians who contribute here under the same name as on Wikipedia: it is a very bad idea to contribute to any article related to Wikipedia using your Wikipedia user name. Some at Wikipedia like to play war games, and we have seen Wikipedia contributors "picked off" over there for contributing here. If you are a Wikipedian and wish to contribute to an article related to Wikipedia or Wikipedians, we recommend using a disposable sockpuppet account.