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This article defines official ED Policy.
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This is the new Portal Maintenance page. No longer will one person care for a portal, that obviously doesn't work. You guys are too fucking lazy to even have an AOTN up half the time. So what we are going to do instead is this:
Instead of having one person with one portal we are going to have everyone do all the portals.

Who can change portals?

You DO NOT need to be an Editor or Sysop to care for portals. Portals should NOT be locked, so anyone can change them. This was part of the problem. People would be caretaker of a portal and take ownership of it by fully protecting it, but they would never change it themselves. This is totally asinine and honestly it is a dickhead thing to do. Leave them open so that people can add things and change shit up. If someone makes a shit edit, just revert it, Portals shouldn't be protected at all. Not even semi-protected, unless there are like edit wars or something which is highly unlikely considering nobody cares enough to edit them, never mind edit war.

How do I change portals?

  1. Scroll down and pick a portal
  2. Go to the portal and flip the FA/FV/FP
  3.  ??????
  4. PROFIT!!!


How often should portals be changed?

  • If there were no changes for longer than 2 weeks, it is time to change those portals.
  • If you are about to rotate the Gaming portal, for example, you should there and check back to the last time somebody changed the Gaming portal to make sure it has been 2 weeks or so, give or take, since it was last changed to make sure you aren't changing it too soon.