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This article defines official ED Policy.
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Article Removal Requests

Before sending us an e-mail, please check if the article in question meets any of these criteria. Staff are bound to follow this and will not remove any article unless it meets one of these criteria. Offending material may be edited instead of removing the entire article, staff have discretion.

If you send us some stupid threat about your lawyer or how you're going to DDoS us then we're not going to listen to you, regardless of content. Our staff did not write the article, so do not treat us like we did. Respect goes both ways.

Bold items require revision/file flushing as well.

  • Indecent image of someone under the age of 18 years old
  • SSN or NI # posted
  • Bank account numbers
  • Personal passwords, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or names/accounts of friends/family members who don't belong in the article. Despite what happened in the past, ED does not host dox on it any longer. We're a satire site, not a shitty attack site.

DMCA and other petty legal threats you may throw at us most likely do not apply. The DMCA was written to protect copyright holders against piracy, not because someone posted some old MySpace photos of yours that you forgot about. We will report any misuse of the DMCA to the cyberpolice. Remember, this is not YouTube, you cannot claim copyright of material that someone else wrote, even if it is about you. The DMCA does not work that way. Read a book, or at least the Wikipedia article on it, before trying to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove content that you do not own or have released into the public domain.

If the article does not match any of these criteria then your e-mail will be removed and future requests ignored. If your article/file does apply, e-mail us at contact <at> encyclopediadramatica.se

Image Deletion Policy

  • Do not delete duplicate images. You could be destroying backlinks and Google image search results when you do this. Instead, use the {{information|duplicate=[sort key]}} template to label them as copies.
  • Sexually explicit cartoons/Rule 34 pics do not get deleted unless they are blatant CP, as in containing toddlers or underage children performing any type of sexual acts. Pedophilia is not welcome on ED.
  • Nudes that were publicly posted are legal to republish on ED, but revenge porn is not allowed.
  • Cartoons lampooning bestiality are acceptable, but actual photos showing human-animal sexual interaction do not belong on ED.
  • Gore/death photos of humans and/or animals do not get removed on account of morality.
  • Author-requested image removal requires admin approval, but is generally granted because it prevents the abandoned photo from ending up in the Unused Files vault to rot for all eternity.

Article Deletion Policy

  • The only articles subject for immediate deletion are shitty attack articles against staff (don't confuse satire with a shitty attack article), spam/advertisements, unbridled shit posts (usually under 3 sentences and never touched again), revenge porn posts, and anything else included in the ED is not page.
  • New articles bearing a potential subject that are barely touched WIPs are placed in Bad New Articles in hopes that someone will pick them up and turn them around. Add either {{stub}} or {{crapstub}} to these article as well so they end up in those categories.
  • When adding an entry to the BNA, be sure to change the date that you added it so its time in BNA can be tracked. If the article is still in the same shape by the time its entry gets replaced with a new one, just leave it be.
  • New articles that read like they were written by an illiterate Uncyclopedian or an angsty 13-year-old should get templates such as {{cleanup}} or {{13yearolds}} instead of a deathnotice to let people know they need grammar markups or wikified links. There's also the {{pixplz}} and {{needsmoar}} templates for articles lacking in media, photos, and categories.
  • One last side note: do not move abandoned drafts into the author's user space, ED has plenty of space and it isn't gonna kill our image to have a WIP/draft in the main space. Articles don't have to be started in user space, that's optional.
  • TL;DR:The goal of ED is to add content, not delete it, so if you're an admin who's removing content on the sole premise that you don't like it or you personally think it's shit, then you're doing it wrong.