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An IRL sockpuppet.

Quick definition

Sockpuppet generally refers to the multiple accounts under the control of a single user, generally for purposes of vandalism or making it seem like you have friends.


This is an example of having too many sockpuppets.

We generally don't mind if an established user creates a sockpuppet, although you may get the {{sockpuppet}} template on your user page. If you are a vandal, you will get blocked. If you use sockpuppets to continue vandalising, they will get blocked along with your IP. If you make too many sockpuppets, you will probably be assumed to be a fgt vandal, resulting in banhammer luv.

On ED, almost all Bureaucrats have Checkuser, so we advise practicing your sockpuppet activities somewhere else.

General advice

Don't take part in sockpuppetry

This one goes without saying, really. It makes you look suspicious, and you will probably be found out in short order. Despite the fact that we probably won't mind, if you continuously create new accounts action will most likely be taken. This can range from a talking to all the way to account blocks and IP bans.

Use them responsibly

If you really want to use sockpuppets, use them responsibly. Trying to win an argument using at least 100 fake accounts will probably result in you being pwnt. If you keep them separate, and use them in a way that causes no problems to ED, there generally isn't a problem.

Dodging a ban via a sockpuppet

Instaban. Period.

What to do

If you see obvious sockpuppetry, like two accounts made in a minute coordinating vandalism, label them with the sockpuppet template, like so: {{sockpuppet|Thedreadedkettle}} which produces

Could this user be Jack? WARNING! WARNING!
Sockpuppetry is a sockpuppet of Thedreadedkettle and seems to think that greed is a virtue!

If you are an Admin with CheckUser access, you can use that tool to help identify sockpuppets and sockpuppet IPs. Block as required. If you do not have CheckUser then find someone who does and let them know what's up.

Known offenders

Do the complete opposite of what these people did:



  • None, as it would be giving them the attention they crave being listed here.